Great Article in the DM right on the button..

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by geezer466, Aug 26, 2013.

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  1. Maybe for a change hereabouts the DM is spot on........

    Marry. Buy a house. Work hard and save. It's the life generations took for granted. But, says a leading historian, a seismic change is under way... The death of the middle classes | Mail Online

    Who wants to disagree with that?
  2. Yeah. For starters the UK isn't a single industry concern like Detroit was, and secondly it's in the mail so has a high likelihood of it being total bollocks.

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  3. Time to move to the Falklands (if their hard-core immigration bureau lets you).
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the most toxic financial product on the planet is the mortgage - until we sort that out we are doomed.

    case in point 2008 and we are leading up to it all again.
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  5. Still doesn't alter the fact that that was the thinking! I was taught to spend a bit save a bit, it sort of worked for me.a good article I thought.
  6. Couldn't be arrsed to read it but I imagine the words "benefit claimants" and "immigrants" are somewhere within that article.

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  7. It is a dribbling **** article. Sort of a Super-Mail article, sweeping up all of their dull tirades into one pointless flaccid limp dick of a non-story. The Detroit bit is particularly stupid and the sort of thing that dumb oafs would post on an internet forum thinking it had a deep meaning.
    It doesn't. Mono-anythings are bad. Single industry in a town that someone else can do cheaper? Dumb plan for the future. See 'coal', 'steel' and 'shipbuilding' as other examples.
    PS - read more, post less. You'll do well.
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  8. The reason the middle-class is suffering is the same reason that the working class suffered before - the money is all being sucked upwards. And the Mail, with its union-bashing, blame-the-foreigners, 'UK PLC' cheerleading, has done a great deal to help that process along, by ruthlessly attacking anyone who tried to halt it.
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  9. You can also see from the article that he now realizes that his children will grow up poor, regardless of their 'middle-class background', with limited real assets, no house, no stable employment and will have to endure a constant decline in public services as the state tries to service an ever growing debt along with the pension catastrophe that is on its way in the next 5-10 years.

    He surely realizes that the government will move its attention towards the NHS soon and then schools which have until now been ring fenced. What happens when his children fall ill in 5 years time but the nearest hospital is 40 miles away, severely under staffed and the nurses are on strike? Or when his grandchildren can't go to school because the teachers are on strike due to low pay?

    I think many people in the UK hitting their late 40s are realizing that the children in their 20s who are currently living at home with them will be stuck in low pay jobs for the rest of their lives. No way out. And all they can think to do is vote UKIP at the next election and move their limited savings from one bank account to another chasing below inflation interest rates.
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  10. They must be a bit thick then. There are lots of things they could do, demand reform of the tax codes for example, and the introduction of a salary multiple rule (the highest-paid person in a company can be paid only a certain number of times the salary of the lowest-paid), a clampdown on tax havens. All that could be done without driving the financial services people away.

    They could also demand an APR cap, so that Wonga etc will find it harder bankrupt the poor and the benefits system won't therefore have to pick up the tab.

    But no, they keep babbling drivel about 'UK PLC' and looking for someone weaker than themselves that they can demand to be impoverished and the money handed to them.
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  11. Read it. Couldn't give a shit.
  12. I blame the gay black Jews, the Daily Mail's true nightmare
  13. No, it's the Guardian that hates the Jews, the Mail's more into hating... well, everyone else.
  14. The Daily Mail has no problem with black gay Jews, provided they stay in their own country and don't attempt to get on the property ladder.