Great army PR

Feck me, we've got some pillocks working on the army website. Is this the Rocks' 5-mile march of doom, that'll allow them to stand toe-to-toe with the Booties & Para Reg?
Admit it, you ******* have a hard on for Rocks... This is the second time you've used pictures of the Regiment, (this time it was one of the Bronzed Airborne Gods of No. II Squadron... eusa_clap.gif ), in your own PR. It's a clear admission that Rocks are better looking, appear more intelligent and look more like real soldiers than anything you lot can rustle up...

Crack on Ladies...
No, no. The picture of the Crabs is deliberate. Civvies will see it and think "Christ, I'm better than those hat cnuts on their 5 mile bimble with daysacks on. Even women medics have to do 8 miles with a bergen on. Maybe I'll join the Army instead."

Like the Army PR department, the chances of your average civvie being able to tell the difference between the average Rock and the steely eyed killers of Betty's Army are all but nil so your logic is flawed.

It's embarrassing for you all isn't it? Thinking about it, the quality of the Army's PR is a reflection of the Army as a whole. On the other hand, Regiment PR is bloody good... :wave:
How long did it take the Drill Pigs to come up with the appropriate movements for egg dipping? Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand still yew orrible little yoke.
But then, it has to be.
Not really... The Army "PR machine" is doing a sterling job of making the Regiment look like the better option...

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