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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cbgramc, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. After just having my normal Sunday morning greasy spoon full fat breakfast from a van near work it started me thinking what is the best greasy spoon (Van no sit ins) I have had. Obviously the van on the Soltau range is always first in any list what is your recommendations.

    Mine would be the van at Junction 40 off the M6 on the A66 at Penrith breakfast in a bun I swear I heard my arteries hardening.
  2. There is a cracker just off the wharf road in trafford park, full breafkfast and a heart attack cant be beaten.
  3. THere used to a brlliant one just of the M54 - first turn for Telford on left. Did ripping bacon and cheese.
  4. taff,s caff in port talbot.fine cuisine and a fatties dream.
  5. Greasy spoons are always a god send some mornings, but (sorry if i'm being too feminine), i hate the smell they leave on clothes! it lingers all day! the spoon tastes and feels great at the time, but afterwards, its not so pleasant! :x
  6. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Brians Van in a layby on the right Just outside Kidderminster on the A442 Bridgnorth Road. Freshly baked bread real local bacon fantastic sausages and all cooked to perfection. Not open on Sundays or id be on my way now.
  7. Rigghead Ind Est, Bellshill , Glasgow. Full Breakfast, tea, roll and your diggers- £2.40.

    There used to be a truckers cafe on the road from Stirling to the Caperboard plant. That was best breakfast ever. (I know you said van, but it was small).

    As a rule the vans north of the border tend to be better than anywhere else!
  8. have to agree with you there Bruce. Not that I'm in any way influenced by the 'north of the border' thingy
  9. Go to the other end of the A66 just past the Scotch Corner Hotel off the A1 and there's a layby greasy spoon that is always full of trucks ( a good sign IMHO) A large bacon and egg roll (roughly the size of a mini-roundabout) a a cup of tea so strong it can bench press 300lbs.
  10. thats a decent thought why is the tea generaly p155 poor in these establishments, how can you get a sarnie or brekkie so right and the tea so wrong?
  11. There is several in Glasgow, but dirty dicks is worth a mention as the tea is always good and the fry up is piping hot made to order.
  12. The West was always outstanding for these I have to admit.

    There was a good one in Edinburgh called "Flunch" near Holy Corner in Morningside. Dunno if it's still there but the queue used to be out the door first thing in the morning.
  13. south street is always worth a mention

  14. The white caravan next to the honda dealership is rather good.

    Although her tex mex would make weight watchers shudder

    Just don't ask her about where her doggie went or ask her for a hot dog
  15. I Like Tams Frying Scotsman in Birkenshaw at Tannochside £2.20 full breakfast with roll bit out of the way for most of our readers if it can be fryed Tams the man