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Old wino has put up a decent thread on the decline of the high street cafe, some guys have recommended some greasy spoon cafés.
Well if you have a decent cafe near you or one you have been to, share it here that way we can all clog our arteries in a good old fashioned way.

Some places I recommend

Tony's Cafe, Hight Street North, Dunstable
The Blue Parrot, Uxbridge Road Hayes ( next door to the RBL )
And the Petery, Lady Margaret Road, Southall.

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Woodbridge Cafe, Woodbridge Road, Guildford.

The Barn at Newlands Corner was an excellent non-greasy GS but shut for a while and re-opened as something else. Not sure what the new one is like, yet.


Severn Springs outside Cheltenham, opposite the Hungry Horse. Suzies tea wagon, proper locally made sausages and bacon.

Mead road industrial Estate, Leckhampton. Mels Cafe.

St Pauls, Cheltenham. Joes Cafe. Not the same as it was back in 1993 ish but still a good brekky.

If you find yourself in Llanberis, try Petes Eats. Big blue place bottom end of town. Was full of pretentious types this morning buying small expresso coffee but the food is top notch.
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One of my favourites was a roadside cafe just off Junction 43 of the M1, on the way into Wakefield. Loved the spam fritters in the all-day breakfasts.


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When heading north you will find no better breakfast than Stracathro Service Area, half way between Dundee and Aberdeen on the A90.

It is a traditional truck stop.


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Barbarellas on lower marsh near waterloo. had a lovely fried breakfast for lunch for a fiver. (2 sausage, 2 black pudding, fried slice, chips and beans.)
Couldn't find a decent one anywhere in Birmingham city centre. We even asked the numerous builders that were milling around. All of the ones we asked were foreign so we drew a blank there.

We ended up in this upmarket cafe/bistro thing and took the plunge for a full English. It was so shite me and my mate returned it and decided to find a pub instead and watch the 6 nations....could we find anywhere showing the rugby?.....yes, eventually. Little pub in china town opposite the hippodrome, caught the last 5 mins of the game.

What a shit day that was. I hate Brum.


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There is a mega one on Studland Street in Hammersmith.

They do Thai scran at lunch which is very decent, but the breakfasts are where it's at.
I will be buggered if I can remember the truck stop in inverness tucked away in an industrial estate.
The Waney Edge, near Melksham. cracking fry up.

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