Grease - Chick flick or no

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SnapDragon, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. Deifinately!

  2. Not in the slightest!

  1. Ok, bit of a debate going on here (It's Friday!). Is grese a chick flick or not?
  2. FFS how many blokes do you know that ask to watch this!! Unless they are gay of course....
  3. Deffo snappy - 3 females in my family, know all the words.

    Me and the boy would prefer to watch the rugby (he doesn't get any say - only 2 and a half - but will be able to tackle like Gary Armstrong soon :twisted: )
  4. Here is the rule of thumb guide!
    1) Are there any Breasts on show?
    2) Are there any Weapons, explosions, fast cars, spaceships, Lycra clad females?

    If the answer is no, Then it is a chick flic ( not to be confused with Bean flic!)
  5. Well, a guy here said it wasn't (due to the car) I say it is!

  6. Beat him savagely - now.................. (or will he curl up into a ball at your feet and scream melodramatically "Not my face, not my face!!!") :twisted:

  7. I love watching grease about as much as I enjoy wanking with a cheesegrater.

    It is a chick flick, no doubt whatsoever....
  8. Quick rule of thumb guide Anything with Travolta in prior to Pulp Fiction is sh*t regardless of being a chick flick.
  9. Gay.

    On a 'Gay Scale', it is up there with butt-plugs and hamsters.

    Yes, the pun was intended.
  10. Grease is a sh1te film. The only redeeming feature is that chicks love it when you sing the songs to them. Not that I'd ever do anything like that :oops:
  11. lol, I reckon he would
  12. Although thinking about it, I would rather enjoy haveing a man rolling around the floor at my feet :lol:
  13. WTF?? Is this a WAH?? Surely, no one needs to even ask this question.. its so bloody obvious that it's a Chick Flick.. right up there with West Side Story - I mean, c'mon it ' stars' Olivia Newton John for chrisssakes!!..

    file the DVD/VHS in the crapper with her other ' epic' Xanadu ....
  14. Film sucks, but most of the soundtrack rocks
  15. Chick flick or not, it's still a crap film. Didn't think it could get any crappier until Grease II arrived.