Gravity boots

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Bombero, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. Anyone ever used gravity boots?
    They are supposed to be good for advanced ab workouts and also for stretching the back.
    There is a nice vid on youtube of a firm buttocked American bird demonstrating a workout but they,re not the cheapest bit of kit ranging from between 50-100 quid a pair. Is one make better than another?
    Thought i,d seek some opinions before i shell out any of my hard earned.
  2. Just another crap gimmick.
  3. Dont bother unless you want to look a tw*t getting stuck upside down on a bar. There are millions of ab exercises around, try ab wheel roll outs and when you have mastered them try standing ab wheel roll outs.
  4. They do the same job as the MkI 5 bar gate often found whilst out running. The boots fit in your car alot easier than the gate, so get the boots.
  5. I got some from Argos a few years ago for like £20.

    Then again I don't use the things anymore, more of a spur of the moment thing.
  6. If you've got long legs do a set of sit ups to absolute screaming failure and then try and get down. I hung there like Bat Fink as the gym wet itself, and when I got one leg off the bar it did nothing to reduce the hilarity. Putting a step under the "rack" part of an incline bench gives a better ab workout and your back gets the same stretch if you hang from your arms, or support your weight on straight arms.
  7. Yeah I had at almost a few times. A did end up almost swing to get one hand up so I could pull myself up to un hook my legs.

    I have done a few make shift incline sit up attempts at the now old gym I was at using various aids (the preacher curl thing being the latest). However I've now signed up to a david lloyd and they have quite a few extra bits that I can happily use.