Graveyard of old planes found in US


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Turns out a scrapyard worked started to hoard old aircraft when they cam in for scrapping in the late 1940's and there they've sat ever since.


I wonder how much is salvageable for a museum?

Isn't the first photo in the array of 'WW2 types' an F7U-3 Cutlass?

The question of salvage is an interesting one, since the USN has developed a habit of claiming very 2nd hand airframes from people who'd set about rescuing them.

I'd guess that the scrapyard paid for them so that wouldn't be possible - but if I'm right about the first aircraft photo in that stream, there's only a handful of surviving Cutlasses, and despite its dreadful reputation ('The Ensign Elminator'), I guess there would be some interest in this one if there's the slightest hope of restoring it.
The one in the photo looks like a b25 mitchell and then the rest are cold war stuff .I wouldnt call it a graveyard , more a few planes . Another overblown story with little actual truth from the OTT headline .
What is number 8 - a Glider?
Always wanted to go to Davis-Monthan but would like to "wander" round. Ah, dreams.
Expect to see obscure bits of these appearing in the Any Plane Spotters thread any day now.

Tapped in morse code on the radiator.
Always wanted to go to Davis-Monthan but would like to "wander" round. Ah, dreams.

To sit in a cockpit and go "Brrrm, brrrrm"? Or in the hope of finding one where the ignition key has been left in, fully tanked up and loaded for Bear?




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According to that list, there's a Victor there. And as there are only five others known to have survived, I'm sure someone would have an interest. You can also chuck an American version of a Canberra into the mix, not to mention an Avro 707 - one of five built to test out the Vulcan wing form.

Assuming they are restorable, there appear to be some pretty interesting airframes there.



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Poor reporting from the Telegraph, "WWII fighters". First pics of some sort of jet and second is a bomber. Nice photography though.


I like the comments at the bottom of the photos...

"Some of these planes actually bombed places - people could have died in those planes," said Joo.

"If a picture could tell a thousand words you could write books and books from these."

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