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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. I've been thinking tonight....

    I know its a crime to steal from a grave etc but is it a crime to do a bit of gentle excavation at the cemetry to have a look at them..... No intentions of stealing anything and no sexual motive, just have a shufty.

    Before the PC brigade ask me to consider how the families might think, if need be am happy to dig my own up.

    Any policemen or criminal lawyers or even learned Arrsers tell me where I stand.

    Yours with a sharped shovel, eager mind and an Olympus cd570
  2. i think as long as you return it to its previous state ie no added spaff, i can't see anyone objecting realistically!
  3. Just do it at night, nobody'll be any the wiser.

    Or you could plant your own and dig the cheeky little fella up again at various stages of decomposition to satisfy your "curiosity".
  4. The dead wont care so i cant see any problem.
  5. Yep look but dont touch seems ok to me , but what about the smell though ?

  6. If its old there is'nt a smell.
    God forgive me for just answering that. :oops:
  7. I'm sure the dead wont mind :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    You are not thinking this through. Why go to all the effort of digging them up? Getting down to stage 1 overnight is never a laugh.

    Why not just pop along at the planting, jump in for a few "bezzering" photos, and head off to the wake to sort out the scoff/booze/widow.

    Much more efficient!
  9. Save yourself a bit of shovelling. Just visit Eastbourne...
  10. This idea didn't come from your nipper, did it, MDN?
    Because, when my daughter was quite small, and I explained what the cemetary was, she said, "I wish I'd brought my bucket and spade, so we could have a look".
  11. why go through the bother of digging them up... Click Me
  12. isnt goods which have no ALIVE owner up for the taking?

    like time limits on uncollected goods etc?:)just a thought

    take a good metal detector and run it around afew times and see if you hit the gold stuff(or silver etc etc)

    saves digging up a poor corspe with no rings or neclaces

    not sure standard detectors get that deep so you may have to borrow the geophiz from time team

    just looking !!!well that sounds kinda dull

    spaff !!you know the corpse wants it.:)

    i doubt slipping it another bone will hurt:)
  13. Just looking sounds like a waste of effort. I reckon taking a few mates along and having a beyond-the-grave bukkake session would be a better idea.

    You could release it on DVD:

    Beyond The Grave Bukkake IV: The Revenge of the Maggots.
  14. Well l'd thought l'd seen it all, but having seen that link no l've not seen anything.

    Have to keep my eye on that for the next few months.