Grave robbers finally caught?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plant-Pilot, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. According to the BBC News Website there have been four people arrested for the anilmal rights grave robbing incident although they are only in on suspicion of conspiracy to blackmail and one for suspicion of obstructing police and assaulting an officer.

    Details can be seen on the BBC News Website

    About time too and I hope they don't get off on some sad excuse or due to the assumption that their human rights have been abused. What about the human rights of the family who's loved one was stolen?
  2. Took long enough to get them
  3. Arrested people before but always let them go. Still a way to go on this one I think
  4. I wonder if the old laws against grave robbing have ben repealled? didn't folk get hung for grave robbing?
  5. Folk got hung for quite a lot of things back in the day, though the only pair that got hung (Burke and Hare) that I know of weren't done for grave robbing per se - some of their corpses turned out to can I put this...suspiciously fresh.
  6. The dog was with Blind Pugh in Annabell's
  7. Maybe the Police will get around to solving the other 100+ fairly serious crimes committed in this appalling saga of terrorism and intimidation.... then again maybe they won't bother now that the victims have abandoned hope of justice and have capitulated out of desperation...
  8. I wouldn't have had the stomach for that. How long had she been underground?

    I wonder which one of them came up with the idea and when. Can you imagine it, all sat around their pot of lentils wondering how to get even with the world......"Hey" says Dirty Dan."......I know!!, lets dig one of their grannies up!"

    "Right on man", respond the hippies.