Grave of John Buckley VC Found - Unmarked!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by rmgbem, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. Just saw a tweet (unverified) from Lorraine Kelly of breakfast TV fame stating the grave of John Buckley VC has been found, unmarked.

    I know there are a couple of WOs and Sgt's Messes with "Buckley" Bars (Kineton Station springs immediately to mind). Does anyone want to pick this up and suggest a donation towards marking his grave from Messes/Central Mess/The Museum? I suspect The Victoria Cross Trust would have more detail.

    Just a thought.
  2. Corps funds should cover it without a second thought.
  3. Could someone post his obituary for us lesser mortals to learn of his exploits
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  4. Retired.
  5. Your tired if you think you will get a rise out of that ^~
  6. Anyone can google I was hoping for something from his Corps history.

    He showed terrific courage, defying death. It was in May 1857 that the Indian Mutiny flared up against the rule of the British. The mutineers soon reached Delhi where Buckley and his fellow eight soldiers defending the magazine were vastly outnumbered. Rather than let the ammunition fall into enemy hands they decided to blow up the building and themselves. Miraculously four of them, including Buckley, survived. Buckley was captured by the enemy and soon learnt that his entire family had been ruthlessly murdered by the rebels. He had now lost two wives and eight children in total and wanted to live no longer. He begged for death from his captors but they refused to kill him on account of his bravery at the magazine. Buckley later escaped and rejoined the British army thence volunteering for all manner of dangerous missions in order to taunt death. He oversaw the execution of one hundred and fifty rebels who were strapped to the muzzle of a cannon and blown apart.
    Would like to know more about executing 150 rebels strapped to a cannon
  7. You're welcome you ungrateful ****.

    Be more specific in your demands and I'll be sure to bend over backwards for you. ********.
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  8. Well how about his many daring missions and errrr how do you strap 150 rebels to a canon.

    Last time I give you a like you ungrateful bar steward ( I was referring to Wulf implying I was retarded not you)
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  9. They did it themselves, they signed the cannon and ammunition out and the wandered off into the woods unsupervised. One rebel managed to blow himself to pieces 5 times.

    sorry wrong thread ^~
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  10. OK, I apologise. I'll leave it there though so people know what I'm apologising for.
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  11. Its possible that there was a re write of an original report, because the plural of cannon, is in fact cannon.
    so 150 rebels could be strapped to 150 cannon, it would be an error to state 150 rebels were strapped to 150 cannons.In fact it would be a schoolboy error which would probably get you strapped by the Canon, if you attended a religious school inVictorian times..
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  12. I ll give you another like then Dingerr

    150 cannon and shot. A bit extravagant. Wouldn't hanging them around the bazaars be cheaper? Pre defence cuts I suppose.
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  13. Like this......


    ....who says the Raj was all bad........?
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