Graturity payments

Pension – Pensions are paid monthly in arrears by Xafinity Paymaster (see contact details). SPVA Glasgow can only process your pension for payment after receiving the application form that is enclosed in the Service Leavers Pack; therefore it is vital that you complete this form accurately and promptly.

Terminal Grant/Resettlement Grant – these will be paid directly to your main pay bank account or other account as directed by you during the termination process within JPA. Please note that it can take up to 10 working days from date of discharge for you to receive this money.
It is important that you contact SPVA Glasgow or Xafinity Paymaster if there are changes to your circumstances as these might directly affect your pension or its payment. The following paragraphs should help you decide who to contact.
You should contact the Armed Forces Pensions Team within SPVA Glasgow if:
• you wish to be sent a forecast of pension benefits;
• you have a question relating to your pension or Armed Forces Pensions generally;
• you wish to apply for payment of your preserved pension:
• you wish to apply for early payment of your preserved pension or early payment of your pension increases due to ill-health;
• you wish to report a change in circumstances.

Xafinity Paymaster should be contacted:
• about the payment of your pension into your bank account;
• about deductions of tax.
• about changes to your address or bank account;
• in the unfortunate event of your death (It is important that a member of your family, a friend or associate knows to do this).
When contacting SPVA or Xafinity Paymaster the following will be asked for:
• Your name;
• The Service Number or Paymaster Reference Number and National Insurance Number for the person to whom the pension relates;
• To give as much information as possible about the reason for your call.

It doesn't say you can't.

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