gratuity being witheld

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by civvyalcollins, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. well after 22 years being messed around in the army now im a civvy the messing around continues

    i submitted my pension 1 form in sept 2 days after i left i recieved a letter stating that ii must pay an admin fee prior to my lump sum being released the final line of the letter stated that if no payment was recieved then the funds would be taken from the lump sum

    i spoke to JPA and verbally told them to automatically take the funds low and behold i have now been told that i still must forward a cheque and only then will the funds be released

    my question is simple do i have to wait until that cheque has cleared or will they process on reciept has anyone else experienced this ??

    i neglected to say the reason for this fee its to do with a divorce settlement the divorce was 9 years ago so they have had nine years to sort this out and raise the bill why wait until 2 days prior to my discharge to bill me !!

    we all know how long it takes a cheque to clear through the mod i had one clear 4 months after i returned from tour!!!
  2. Have you spoken to the Debt Management Team at JPAC re this Fee, there is a system for redress on such matters, they will advise, and they should not be holding up your pension, even if they do take it from your lump sum.
  3. i have been told that they will not take the fee from my lumpsum and i must send a cheque for payment ,they are also witholding my monthly pension until the cheque has cleared and they have sorted everything out ,my anger is simple its the timing they have had 9 years to bill me and have had my pension one form since sept 08
  4. Did this get sorted out?
  5. The OP has probably died of old age.

    Are you on a zombie thread hunt or something? I know you try and live up to the moniker 'Mumra', but there's no need to take the piss.
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  6. @Dread
    @civvyalcollins is very much alive and posting bone threads all over the place.

    One for the drill pigs
    One for the drill sgts
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