Gratuity and pension disaster

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Resurgam, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. :x
    After 32 years and 264 days of service I retired yesterday or at least went onto the reserve list of officers. Throughout this time I have tried to do my best.

    Now I am leaving JPA has decided that I am obviously not worth the effort.

    I need to have in writing from them what my pension will be and what my gratuity is going to be so that I can sort out some fairly ticklish little bits and pieces with my bank. Will JPA tell me? Will the FCUK. I have to apply in writing and I cannot do this until I have left because they will not start to calculate the info until after your last day. They will then pay you up to 10 working days after you have left - at about the same time as they tell you what you are going to get. You cannot plan anything in the interim period.

    If you ask them for just a hint of the figure in writing they say that they cannot do this because they have not calculated it. The pensions people work in a back office and direct contact is not allowed.

    I am at my wits end. The Bank want details, I need the details, Without them I am in danger of having my mortgage totally screwed up and my credit rating ruined.

    Thank you for looking after me so well JPA. I appreciate all you have done to make my last month or so in HM armed Forces so bloody miserable. :!:
  2. Does anyone know how I can get this info out of JPA short of going up to Glasgow and kicking the door down!!!
  3. I had a pay issue with JPA that kept going with no sign of a resoulution (although not in your league, they just decided to pay me incorrectly and on the wrong pay band for 5 months)

    I finally resorted to informing them that if I didnt have a satisfactory resolution in 8 days I would seek legal advice, I also wrote to soldier mag, and informed my RAO that I would begin AGAI 70 action. It seemed to work for me

    I appreciate that this doesnt help you necessarily, but I would be phoning them every day and threaten them from the start. It seems to be the only language they understand
  4. I am about to phohe the Media people and threaten to go to the scum or Daily Mail. Working the MOD doesn't care bit. I will see if that works. I am really being shafted purely because they cannot answer a simple question without a written request and a minimum of 10 days notice.

    This is the sort of stupidity that leads to heart attacks and suicides. it cannot be that hard. If only they thought about how much pressure it puts people under especially when they are leaving. They say that you can get a readout from the pensions calculator but the banks do not accept that.
  5. If you retired yesterday the JPAC should be able to give you a figure seeing as it should be in your bank account within 10 working days and has proabably already been claculated! You should have also been told by your RAO to request a pension forecast print before leaving as this would give you the best indication, however, you can always see what the pension calculator comes up with on (or type in armed forces pension calculator into google and it comes up).
    In short there is no way to get this info out of the system itself but at this time JPAC WILL have your final pay and pension tied up, ring them and demand to speak to a supervisor!!! 0800 082 3600 Option 1 - do not leave them alone until you have confirmation of when your pension will be paid and how much (they do know but are stupid, ask for a supervisor!!).
    Also, just as a suggestion, get your HR admin to checck that you have been "terminated" in JPA as this could be an indication of why the JPAC are being difficult (if you want me to look on JPA for you PM me with your details and I shall have a looksi!!)
    Sorry I could not be of more help.
  6. apply for a short mortgage break?
  7. Tea Girl I have pm'd you. JPA just keep quoting that they understand that it appears a bit stupid (a teeny bit of an understatement in my opinion) but they cannot calculate your pension until your last day and will not put it in writing until they have calculated it and you will have to wait for up to 10 working days before you get the letter and by then you will also have the money. I am pretty unimpressed with this and wonder why we did this terrible thing called JPA to ourselves. You cannot actually talk to a human being in the pensions cell they will not take calls

  8. Sadly that will not work. I only need the money for 3 weeks but it is quite a lot.

    The gratuity will cover it easily I just have to prove to the bank that I am getting it.
  9. The old
    afpaa-pensions-div @"

    is out of date and the new address is <>

    Not that it will do much good
  10. Will they not accept a print out from the pension's calculator and a covering letter from your RAO?
  11. We are working on that very option. The problem is that the printout says it is illustrative
  12. Sorry I am being rude.

    Thanks everyone for your help
  13. ReSurgam,

    I have not got your PM
  14. New one trying to get out of out box