Grating accents

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. Just about everybody speaks English these days, but with their own kind of accent. Some are bearable...the Dutch always raise a shmile, the Japs are arrwite, der Germans are always up for a dig, but some just get on one's tits. Any central European speaking English with an American accent makes me want to cock the Webley, as does anyone attempting to immitate our good Prince Charles whilst clearly being more suited to cleaning kitchens. Any particular bugbears you may have ? I should add I started this through listening to Indians in a drama on R 4...not all Indian English speakers bother me but some really get my rag.
  2. scouser accent, makes me toenails curl up
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  3. I'm getting my rag and drenching it in a flammable liquid before posting it through your parent's letterbox.

    They need to suffer for producing a cunt like you.

    Love & hugs,

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  4. I'm with padme. F***ing Scousers. "Ay, ay, ay, we're dead f**cchin' souuuwnd in The Pooouwl, Lar!!"

    Fuck off, you vile, verminous, Paddies-that-can-swim, cunts. And take Hillsborough with you, you self-pitying, dole-scrounging arseholes. You even sound dishonest.

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  5. Dinnae de that son, ah never seed ony feckin thang aboot the Scoats, right ?
  6. As we know, the OP is ignored by a lot of folks here, me included. A wild stab in the dark though, tells me that ciggie has the same accent as his grating posts.

    Therefore I nominate ciggies accent. From whatever fucking flange bucket planet he's from.
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  7. Must be said though, there is nothing more amusing than an Edinburgh posh Scot pretending to be English.
  8. Posh cunts going all glottal stop (when it suits) like Toe Knee B'Liar definitely wind me up.

    I'm still making my mind up about HM The Queen, and the way she and her family have re-shaped Received English.

    Not that I like Her Maj's 1950s accent particularly, but I'm sick to death of the likes of Fern Cotton and her cod-mockney bollix, and HM The Q (and her tribe) moderating their accent seems to play into the same field: the one where ignorance and mediocrity are king and queen.

    Prolly just me.
  9. A & M : ektyouwahleh, eye speke wather bettah then the avewidge woopert.
  10. Any from the 'Black Country', feckin Noddy Holder walts.
  11. The Ulster accent, prime example being the host of Driving Wars on Dave, Colin Murray. His accent is so unbearable to the extent that I cannot watch the programme whilst he is speaking.

  12. Bogan Aussie female accent
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  13. In native, ie us, English, these days women on the BBC who talk like they have a clothespeg on their nose AND do that American-based upward cadence that makes every sentence sound like a question or a grovelling request for approval.
  14. HHH

    HHH LE

    Do you listen with your eyes ?
  15. William Hague.