Grassing On Chavs - Voyeurs For Justice!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RFUK, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. The flat where I live overlooks a busy part of the town and as I work from home, by the window, I often see the scummier parts of society engaging in activities they shouldn't when they think nobody is looking. I am, you could say, a "curtain twitcher" (does that have sexual connotations? 8O ).

    So far this week, I've called the police twice. Once for a load of pricks who'd thrown a shopping trolley into the road (a fast moving road with a blind corner) and once, just now in fact, for a pair of queers who are using the road as a racing track. I don't mind if they crash and kill themselves... But there are other people about, and besides; the sound of them revving their 1 litre engines makes me sick. On both occasions, I heard police cars shortly afterwards, so it seems the police around here still do take calls quite seriously.

    My proudest moment came during the floods when two smackhead chav homeless types from the town were breaking into a building opposite my flat. Because the road was closed, they thought nobody would see them. Little did they know that by the time the first one had entered the window, I had already called 999 and a few seconds later, no less than 15 coppers - Who were massed around the corner 'policing' the floods - Came screaming over in a riot van and two police cars and proceeded to arrest the scummy chavs.

    At this point, one of them came out with a one-liner which will stay with me forever. From the upstairs window he had broken into, and half way through lowering a stolen ladder down to his mate, he shouted "I wasn't nicking it, I was just borrowing it!"

    I have pictures, but I fear if I give away my location, I will get a brick through the window.

    Are there any other "justice voyeurs" out there?
  2. Good for you....
  3. Fantastic! :D
  4. maybe there should be a 'do-gooders annonymous' for those individuals who cannot resist 'those urges' to try and help us live in a civil society. After some time and much effort, they will be able to rejoin the self-obsessed and conscience/consequence free world.


    p.s. well done RFUK!
  5. I called the police the other day actually - the girlfriend & I were about to go out and as we walked out her drive, we saw a guy acting funny, wearing gloves, big orange jacket, cap; even though the temperature was about 20 degrees... So we sat in the car and watched him and saw that he was looking into car windows, where he thought he was in a blindspot, before wondering off .

    So I did what any decent member of the public would do. Not sure what happened when the police caught up with him, though.

    Then had to spend the rest of the day putting up with "curtain twitcher" comments from the female A_L :D
  6. Tell her that you control the police now and threaten to have her arrested.

    On another note, I've never dialed 999 before. Why is it that they won't listen until you've given them your name and address?
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    A couple of years ago, I called the police. A well-known local buffoon (around 20 years old) was waving a replica handgun about in the middle of town.

    PC Plod on the end of the phone was suitably disinterested, up until the point where I mentioned I was a serving soldier, and knew the difference between a replica pistol, a BB gun, and a fucking water pistol.

    Before long - Helicopter overhead, blue lights everywhere. Must have been a slow day. They eventually got the twat lording the replica (a local wannabe hardnut), but not before they tried to detain the 6-year old son of the local butcher, who was wandering past with his dayglo pump-action water pistol. :roll:
  8. C'mon posters, all this cannot be true. Why? Because ten years ago:

    [align=center]Bliar said he would be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime[/align]

    I believe every word he says. I also believe in fairies and dragons.
  9. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Just out of interest do people dial 999 for these louts or the local station number? or is there another number that was set up for non-urgent police stuff?
  10. I have pretty much given up with Hampshire Police, they rarely turn up and do nothing when they do bother.

    They have spent all their money on speed cameras and an aircraft for policing the Pompey matches.

    The plods themselves are either chatting up fat birds outside nightclubs or eating fish and chips whilst threatening the law abiding.

    Their behavious is almost as bad as the population they control on behalf of Neu Arbeit.
  11. i must admit i called my local plod when a car was noticed acting suss in my street. i was up to take my lad to ccf when the car came into the street, no lights on and sat outside my house. it drove awaay and came back about 5 minutes later but further down the street.

    same again, it drove round to my house and sat there for a few minutes before going away. i phoned local plod, explained what was going on, where the car was and that i was a soldier.

    in less than ten minutes two cars were in my street, blue lights on and the driver was dragged out, bent over the bonnet and handcuffed before being taken away in the police car. no idea why but it proved to me that they can be of use sometimes
  12. I phoned the local station number, and they seemed happy to take the call.

    I just recently started work in a rehab unit, and on the wall there is a sign saying if we have to phone the police for any reason (kids hanging around outside, etc) , state something along the lines of "I am willing to give a statement and press charges" and the police have to turn up. The sign says if you don't say that, they'll not bother and just say they did turn up and found nothing!
  13. a_l, totally agree with that, I've phoned the local station a couple of times and I've found that if you fail to give your name(which they ask you if you wish to) they fail to turn up. But if you give your name and address they are there in minutes few.

    About 5-6 years ago some local chavs were using the woods at the back of my property as a drinking and p!ssing ground on a nightly basis, up till about midnight most nights and it was really beginning to get on my nerves. I went down to the local plod station and put in a complaint to the community copper for my area and in passing mentioned that I felt like going out and dealing with them myself. His responce was that I'd be up on a charge if I was to touch or threaten them in any way. When the little darlings turned up again that night, I phoned the station and there was a couple of cars out within minutes, end result was 3 arrests for drinking in the street and one of them was arrested for breach of peace.

    They have never been back since. Result.
  14. phoned the non emergancy line when one of the local chav fell off his mini moto
    operator was'nt that impressed yes he does appear to be in a lot of pain :twisted:
    funny they hav'nt been around skin grafts do appear to put you off motorbikes :D
  15. I called the police last year when a van turned up at about 10pm at the builders yard next to the flat that I lived in and proceeded to knock down the fence and load lots of lawn mowers into said van. Now, being a decent fellow I called the police and took photos of the people, the van and the crime being commited. The police caught them, took a statement from me and kept me up to date with the case by writing to me. 2 months later the thieves were all let off without even a paltry fine!