Grass cutting

Does anyone know anything about "headless households?" It certainly used to be the case that if the husband (i.e. head of household) was away eg on tour, then the sytsem would cut the grass at their quarter for the duration. Is this still possible, a I am receiving conflicting opinions?
Speak to your UWO - Then contact GWA and request the cutting of grass in your absence. It must however be stressed that the occupant requiring the said work, must be in a position where she cannot do it herself - ie ill health, confinement etc. Just because the head of houshold is away does not automatically constitute your lawn being cut. As stated in previous threads, there are some families who quite naturally do it themselves and with cut backs (Xcuse the pun) GWA think like local councils. They do not get it in civvy street so why here!!! At the same time there are some people who won't get up and do it anyway. A bit like block jobs when the husband is away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speak to your EM only if you are getting no help from the GWA. Gone are the days when it was his responsibility though. Again, cut backs are the reason they have no labourers etc. The occupant now has a contract with the GWA by means of a unique reference number. If it is not done within a given period, then bang on doors at GWA. The EM will help to a point but as stated before, It is a welfare case. It should be them who take it to the battlefield.

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