Graphics tablet

Has anyone got any recommendations, or better one they no longer use?

I've got a Wacom Intuos and it's the business and still going strong. If you only want one temporarily I can lend you it for a few weeks, no problem.
The Bamboo range (also from Wacom) are good a bit further down market - you can get them for about 1/3 the price of a Small Intuos 4. Depends what you want it for, I suppose.
Just to try out really...
bamboo is fine for most general use, for serious graphic work then [skintish] graphire or intuos if not so [skintish], i wouldnt waste money on anything else, tablets do take a little effort to get used to but i find i speed my design workflow up 50% at least.
They take a bit of getting used to but become intuitive to use quickly. The beauty is that they can be pressure sensitive. I would only recommend getting one for use with Photoshop and 3d modelling/CAD applications. And then only for really detailed work. There's really no point in forking out the cash to use one as a glorified mouse.
Absolutely.We use one at work to control the video conferencing gear, but some dunce lost the stylus.Tw@.
Will have a check when I get home - there's one around somewhere I just can't remember if the stylus has gone walkies - it'll be an A4 or A3 Intuos type
Do they still 'pucks' with the four buttons on, first CAD I used in 1990.

Took the software 7 hours to a walk through in a line drawn room!

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