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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by flynavy, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. I'm normally pretty good with pcs and hae offered loads of advice on here, so this may come across as a bone question

    i am wondering can put in an ATI 4870x2 graphics card into an ASUS Striker II Formula motherboard i currently have 2 8800GT cards in SLI.

    Its is predominatly an Nvidia chipset so i am unsure as to what can be fitted ie ATI or Nvidia

    Thanks for the help and if so i will be ordering one soon. or a GTX 280
  2. Hey mate,

    going for a dream machine eh?


    I'm no expert but like you.. have been giving little odd bits of advise..

    having been messing around upgrading my sons PC for Gaming and it's a nightmare ...
    seemingly the ATI 4870x2 graphics card works with this motherboard as long as you download the latest drivers

    (googled it and found a reply...)

    probably need to talk to someone direct who has this latest setup installed up and running

    good luck!
  3. already have a fairly dream pc just want to have better graphics so i can play all mychrimbo pressies at the highest rates, thanks for the reply, what exactly did you type into google as i have tried various wordings to no avail
  4. An ATI 4870x2 PCI-e card will work in any motherboard with a compatible PCI-e slot regardless of what chipset the motherboard has. All you will need is the relevant driver from ATI/AMD. It's advisable to remove the nvidia graphics card driver (not the chipset driver) before you install the new graphics card.

    Obviously you won't be able to run crossfire (ATI's equivalent of SLi) with two 4870x2 (or two ATI cards unless there is a bios modification around). Hope that helps.
  5. As far as im away you cant run dual ATi cards on an Nvidia chipset motherboard. You need a Crossfire ready board rather than an SLI one.
  6. NO. you can't.
  7. typed in ...
    "ASUS Striker II motherboard with ATI 4870x2 graphics card"

    one of the reply's on the youtube site has this setup....

    good luck!