Graphics Cards - SLI Configuration v Single GeForce 8800 GTS

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by obesa_cantavit, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. OK...this may be a 'no brainer' for some of you tech geeks out there but I am torn between purchasing a new desktop computer but confused as to which spec graphics card configuration is better...

    Option A - 2x 256MB nVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS - nVIDIA SLI Configuration


    Option B - 320MB nVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS

    I thought it would be a simple choice of choosing Option B purely because it is an extra 69 pounds (on the MESH website) but I am still not entirely convinced. Please help.
  2. In my view 2 working together 256 + 256 as you are getting 512 compared to 320

    Theres still lots of other factors, processor speed and RAM

    Bench mark em both if you can

    What do you want the graphics for? online/ gaming or just general use?
  3. Do you need Direct X10 capability anytime soon?

    If so then the 8800 is the only option
  4. Sorry, should have stated that the desktop's primary function will be gaming, therefore are the dual cards better than the higher spec single card for this function?
  5. The problem with Ge Force Graphics cards is that they can be outdated very quickly, I bought a Toshiba all dancing thingy with a GeForce FX Go5200 with 64mb VRAM back in '04' Battlefield 2 won't work on the thing as it needs a better card!
  6. 8800 all the way, its the fastest card available and is dx 10 capable. plus you can sli it if you find that games arent workign as well as you want.

    7600's are not very good, even sli'd
  7. What you really need to ask yourself is "Do I want to play Crysis?"
  8. Totaly concur. DX10 will be the way ahead soon, so if you can afford it grab the 8800, i can't ! lend us a tenner :D
  9. i've got twin xfx nvidia geforce 7950 GTm in SLi , overclocked on mine... plays anything current like a dream. only problem i have is updating drivers - for some reason it doesn't like it with SLi, as you have to install the new driver twice (once for each card).

    ho hum. sure directx10 will be very impressive, but i usually only update the computer every 18 - 24 months when it starts to have trouble running recent games. by which time the 8800s etc will be a lot cheaper :)
  10. It is a no brainer, buy the 8800 and then buy another one when you have some more cash.

    Remember to get a beefy psu and cooling for when this happens mind.
  11. 8800 definately !

    dx10 out soon , if you want to use vista .I know its new with bugs ,driver issues blah blah etc.But its the thing which all future games will run with
    Do you have a monitor that needs sli or can show its full benefit ?
    only 326 mb ram but the thing doesnt work like the old graphics cards and i believe it will be faster than the 7600 gs combos probably better than 7600 GT combos as well .Plus they are getting cheaper

    8800 gts here

    well not cheap really but you are able to get sli in the 8800 ,and the prices will fall look at the price of processors ffs

    two older, not very fast cards against the one fast one .one card is easier to set up look after

    hope this helps

    good luck :D
  12. lucky man wife doesnt understand the need for TWO cards and bigger monitor lols :x
  13. If you are going to SLi 8800's then you will need to factor in the cost of a decent 900 (or more) watt psu. DONT get Tagan they are nto very good, mine blew for no reason and dont even think about warrenty replacement, some boke in a loft in Berlin never responds to emails and overclockers tried to fob me off with their usual dribble.

    Enermax are good, and they have a RCD isolator built in. But they do cost (£186 for 850 watt).
  14. Thanks, single 8800 it me the option to SLi it with another when the bonus comes in!
  15. " Moore's Law" Basicaly means what ever you bye, at the top end of the market, will be out of date in 18 months.

    Wait for the quantum leap in PC design. Thats why I still use a socket 'A' System...............:)