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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by looney, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Advise please. Does anybody know if i can upgrade the graphics card in my Toshiba M55 laptop, can’t see one on eBay or on Toshiba site.
  2. Im not sure but if it can be done , youll have to send the sod away and be charged extra for the pleasure if it can mind.

  3. I would open its back doors and fit the thing myself rather than sending it off. Got a slot for a big card to go in on the side, maybe they do one that can fit in there?
  4. Cheers Johnno
  5. No Problem

    I'm not sure if your laptop can fit a gfx card though, cos not many laptops have the capibility, but if you just have a look on there they have some good cards for all your needs
  6. Ahh, but iv'e got a de-walt drill and a hack saw mate!
    cheers again Johnno.
  7. that reminded me of when someone tried to make their on PS3

  8. I must remember to get some harry black too!