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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Mighty_Blighty, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. I'm in the market for a new graphics card, i have a budget of about 150 quid.

    I am thinking of the Radeon 1600XT (199 Euros in my local Media Mart),
    does anyone have this card, and is it any good? The specs seem OK, just wanted to know what it actually performs like.

    I have a 9800 Pro at the moment, but it is starting to show it's age a bit at the moment.

    Any advice / suggestions would be appreciated.

    Edited to add - Any suggestions need to be PCI as my Motherboard does not support SLI cards.

  2. The X850, despite being an older card is better than the X1600. I can't remember why, but I think it is because it is 256bit, whereas the 1600 is 128bit.

    I have the x850 and it is a good card.
  3. The 1600 I looked at was 256 bit ?!
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    AGP or PCI-E?

    Makes a big difference.

    If you're still lumbering with AGP, then a X800XT Platinum edition goes for under £100 nowadays, and its an awesome card.

    If you've got PCI-E, then a X1950Pro goes for about £150 if thats what you've got available, and can't afford the XTX version.
  5. My PC's a typical 3-year old PC World Advent with an AGP board. I just upgraded from an Nvidia Gforce 5900 to an Nvidia Gforce 7600 GS card: about £120, and made a dramatic improvement to my work (cough). I now realise that the slo-mo in FEAR Expansion Pack is not actually part of the game....
  6. If you go via to you get 10% back in vouchers.
    Just like 4(T) I upgraded to the GForce 7600gs 512mb board, good value.
  7. AGP or PCI-E ? If the latter you can pick up a Gainward NVidia 7900 GS for about £125 and it is the best card for the money at the moment (I might be a bit biased about that since one now sits in my upgraded PC). It even includes a driver overclocking utility.
    Dabs or CLI are good, solid internet sellers. Don't try Watford Electronics (aka Savacentre) - they are in receivership.
  8. Guys, thansk for the advice.

    Is there a way to tell if my MB is AGP or PCI-E ? Its a couple of years old so i'm guessing at AGP.

    General feeling though is NVidia rather than Radeon ?


    P.S Sorry i'm a PC mong (incase you hadn't guessed!)
  9. MB,

    The very reason I paid slightly over the odds for my new card was that I bought it from PC World - but I also took my PC down to PCW, opened the box and made sure I got a positive ID on the motherboard. That way I avoided any hassle over buying something that was incompatible, or buying a fast/expensive card that would have been slowed by a bottleneck elsewhere in the system.
  10. Any decent PC shop will point out and fit you a GFX card, PCW tend to be very expensive and I can't remember if they charge for it?

    This image give you an idea what to look for, Remember you'll be looking for Sockets, which match. Pop the side off and take a look. I've always gone with ATI

  11. I've just ordered an x1950pro. It's the fastest AGP card on the market. I'd recommend that, if anybody is looking to get an extra 12-18months out of an AGP system.
  12. nVidia is better - was looking myself a couple of months ago...

    you will find graphs and reviews that says each is better than the other...

    But experience has shown me that nVidia is better for games.

    For starters - most game publishers write the game for the NVidia card and i heard nVidia bout ati recently too - so i think the ATI card will become a "work" card and nvidia will become THE game card.