Grapevine~ Arrse to close down for a month?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by canteen_cowboy, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. have heard from a nasty rumour that arrse is closing down for a month while they sort out a contract with a pay for view type website channel.

    i think its worth a discussion or 2
  2. Well is it true? should we all join U-F (Again)
  3. I thought this was supposed to be announced by the CO's?

    Well as it's out in the open , I think it's a mistake to go with anything run by AOL , especially the Profil premium content webTV bollox.


    (Not happy teddy central)
  4. I was hoping that it was true. I need a break from some of you c*nts.
  5. "The door Sir, is over there, close it behind you!" :wink:
  6. I'm off if so. Fall in and follow me........
  7. I look forward to the poll which I'm sure the CO's will allow us.
  8. Is today's date of particular significance to this story :?: :lol: If so I bit first :oops:
  9. C_C started it Fires bloke - whaddya reckon?? :D
  10. C_C, would you like your line and sinker back? I'm afraid the hook's a bit soiled but I expect it'll shine up again. :oops: :D
  11. He's ginger,He's a p1sstaker.It's April 1st. Hook,Line,Sinker :oops:
  12. No thanks. I fell for that one years ago and got locked up by one of your monkey mates. :wink:
  13. Thank you for addressing me as Sir. Very few do nowadays. It's usually c*nt or mate or something like that.

    Would never have happened in my day you know.

  14. .... Virgin? :D
  15. I just cant help myself, I may be young(ish) blood, but I'm old school. (think Colin Firth - Mark Darcy) :D