i'm off the Grantham tomorrow for a fam weekend.
is there anything i should know, or anything i need to take with me that isnt listed on the letter i recieved? (i,e.. towels t-shirts bla bla)
:? :? :?
The_Borderer said:
civvy clothing Grantham is an okay night out :D
You having a laugh, :!: its like comparing Tidworth to Ibiza
take a sense of humour if you have to drive through the place. its a complete ccok up.


Book Reviewer
Stuff that never used to be on the joining instructions:

Padlock (you'll be in a 28 man / woman room)
Gloves - Grantham has a micro-climate that defies all known classification.
Hat - See above.
Boots - for command tasks.

.....and don't forget your PT kit. Doing phys in your jeans will not be fun otherwise.
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