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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hardcoreta, Nov 11, 2007.

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  3. I'm always bored anyway so it dont matter

  1. Whats your opinion of Grantham (the base, not the bloody town!)?
    I spend half a week there doing driver training and got really bored every afternoon. Just wondering if I am the only fuker who thought that (get bored too easily) or if I'm not alone!!

    Take a guess, Yes I am bored!!
  2. how do you think i feel not only do i have to put up with a sh1t camp as there's nothing to do there but i also live in town where again its crap. I can belive your bored why dont we use the camp and town as target pratice for a live fire ex using all the firepower the armys got then start again. at least it wolud kill the boredom
  3. Sixty

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    Well go to the gym then. Can't miss it, big building up the back.
  4. I thought he meant Leslie Grantham - I was looking for the option of "Ugly, taxi-driver-murdering onanist"
  5. Always bloody freezing,crap naafi,rubbish cookhouse and i loved it
  6. My last quarter before leaving the Army was on PWOG Bks. It was BY FAR the smallest house that I ever lived in. It was awful.
    The camp isn't that bad. Plenty of space to walk the dog. I got him trained to sh1t by the Offrs patch.

    Grantham isn't that bad either. And the surprising news is that it is only an hour and ten mins to Kings X which makes it commutable. The expense of commuting is more than made up for by the house prices.
  7. Focus on Westgate car park on a Thurs night. Destroy all the chavved Novas!!
  8. The town certainly is. :wink:
  9. Yes. But also rich famous pussy magnet ex-squaddy - never forget, he is still one of the brethren, lost for a while but now found again. Amen. He might have slotted a Kraut taxi driver, but who among us has done nothing wrong in his/her/it life? He just done it bigger and badder, but he's done his time and has soldiered on famously.

    He's still a cunt, though.
  10. I use to have the misfortune of living there and it was proberly one of many reasons why l did'nt join the RLC. Fear of being posted there! The camp was crap, however l think the town is starting to pick up abit more now.
    Theres some half decent pubs. The Atrium does Grolsch on tap so thats a bonus. The night clubs are still shit though.
  11. Been to PWOG and spent day's in a classroom and everynight down town, bloody great! would go back in a minute, the camp looked ok and the breakfast helped with my hangover :D
  12. it is a sh1thole, civvies who cant be arrsed etc etc, this thread has been done before so I am not going to rant again.
  13. Only ever been there to run X-Country and that was enough.
  14. My home town :-(

    Also, home of Mrs Thatcher, Issac Newton was born just outside and lets not forget that it did win most boring town at some point in the 80s......

    The town has also, so far, sent 368 parcels to troops in Afghan -

    Go back once a month to visit family and put flowers on family graves, the roads get worse....

    Does PWOG still have a list of pubs in town that your barred from ????

    Ten things about Grantham - boring & sad.....
    (Grantham was the most bombed town of its size in the country during the Second World War.)