Grantham RSD. anyone here going

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by kevb, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    tried searching for info on RSD day as i have my one soon, but only limited info, so any more you have would be good as forewarned is forearmed.

    medical this Wed night then have to phone up to book BARB test, unfortunetly the date they gave me for my RSD, im away on holiday seeing the outlaws in Estonia, so hopefully they can book me in the next weekend

  2. If you are in the 145Bde area you will attend ADSC(P) for either the Alpha (Saturday) or Bravo (Sunday) one day selection. You prospective unit should be able to inform you of the content of a selection day.

    At ADSC(P) with 145Bde you will complete the following:

    Arrival and booking in
    Safety briefing
    OC's opening address
    BARB (at the 145Bde selection you will complete this even if you have done it else where previously)
    Military skills lesson
    Physical Selection Standard (Recruits)
    Risk Reduction Run (you need to achieve a time of 14mins or less)
    TA terms and conditions of service presentation
    Military skill practical test
    Team tasks
    Military skill written test
    OC's closing address

    Be aware the next selection (and last one this year) run by 145Bde at ADSC(P) will be on 13 Dec 2008, Alpha ONLY.
  3. Thanks falling plate, passed medical and BARB Test so now booked onto RSD on the 13th Dec at Grantham. Anyone else here going on that day..
  4. im hopefully going on my selection weekend next month (march 09) for 100 regt RA, been told it will be at grantham. I'd love to know what the staff are like ( are they TA or regs ) What sort of things do you do over the weekend ?