Grantham - Prince William of Gloucester Barracks - Rant here

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Colonel_Foreskin-Crumb, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. All you Granthamites I know you want to rant and so do I, so whats the worst thing about PWOG???
  2. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Nothing really. Gym's well equipped, food isn't terrible, alcohol's cheap. Mace shop is quite well stocked and reasonable. It's always too hot indoors but only during summer.

    I quite enjoy my visits to the place. What is it you dislike so much?.
  3. All the (very) crusty RLC majors in the mess?
  4. Chicagooooooooooooooooooo's is good ;-)
  5. As a regular soldier and having been administered by Grantham I have got to say you have probably the best Admin/pay guru (not a reg) SSGT I have met in the Army in nearly 20 years. Some one who actually bothers to help you unlike majority of the regular clerks I have met.
  6. I enjoyed my mandatory STAB time at PWOG.

    Food wasn't bad, although there was a mad lesbian instructor who severely trampled on my dreams of one day finding a hot army lesbian who would like to play 'hide the sausage' with me and another of her svelt, be-breasted chums.
  7. Gravity is better.

    Did the BOWMAN course up there, decent enough camp for a TA/transit/courses type camp. I've lived in far worse blocks, the food was alright, the gym was good (not that I spent all that much time in there), the town isn't Blandford or Andover, although it is quite pointy headed and there are some hot, hot women down there.
  8. I would echo that, although my recollection was there were several lesbian instructors....
  9. On comparison to other training establishments including facilities and instructors I would say that Grantham is definitely forward thinking.
    In terms of training and the way you are treated and taught it definitely caters for the more mature TA soldier.
    I personally get the impression that it is not a sausage factory, and in return you don’t get treated as a group but an individual.
  10. that has shut down now, not sure where all the grantham slappa's go. Sticky Carpet was the best
  11. I know who you mean. Its a shame that the other staff are so difficult to deal with. they like to find reasons why something cannot be done rather than just crack on with it.
  12. The Manageress in the Sgts Mess takes some beating !!! (or maybe should take a beating) Stayed there on a weekend and it was like booking in at Stalag luft 5 !!
  13. the royal oaks where most go now,from what i can gather chicagos as now re-opened all be it under a different name my 1 rant would be the old lad on the pol point, yee gods :(
  14. sticky carpet ahh the tudor rose :thumright:
  15. Please Sir can I go on a lesbian course ? there seems to be no shortage of instructors.