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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stefm33, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. Well im hopefully starting my training this weekend , that is if my unit ave got me my second issue kit before then... cant wiat to get started and was wondering if anyone else was going there this weekend??
  2. Im there on my third weekend- youll probably find your not the only one whos missing kit, the amount of guys sent without bashas or even combat jackets is absolutely insane! Just get onto your unit about it, as i think the staff there are starting to get a bit pissed off with it, and might start RTU'ing people
  3. nice just the start i'd need as well...

    so what happens on the first weekend then??

    been getting on at my unit now for the past 3 weeks maybe more about lack of second issue kit.. but hey ho its always the "going be here next week " story.. it is starting to pi** me of abit as guys that joined after me have got all thier kit and tey aint doing the training till end of july..
  4. Well when you turn up on the friday night they will give you a timetable for the whole course (6 weekends) and then take you over to your accommodation. Youll have a few hours to yourself, so get your boots polished and your kit ironed. A nice early start on the saturday, with a high quality breakfast in the cookhouse (that was intended to be sarcastic). You'll then crack on with plenty of lessons during the day, PT, classroom lectures and skill at arms, and spend the first night out in the field, so you will defintely need your second kit issue. Just take on board everything your being taught, dont act the prat and youll cruise through it.

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  5. Thanks for the advice..

    lets hope i get the kit issued by then .... aint holding my breath though..
    is the cookhouse that good then ??
  6. Oh mate its awful!
  7. Welcome to the TA. If you can't get kit from stores there is always Ebay!
    There is nothing that screams confidence in the system then stepping into the Gas Chamber in a noddy suit bought of ebay for £3.
  8. Thanks for that advice lord... dont think i'll risk the ebay noddy suit....

    whats the training team like at Grantham then anyone got opinions on them ??
  9. The nobby suits where a bulk buy for the rest of the recruits being fobbed off by the Stores. The came sealed. I think we got about 7 of them 2 years ago. Still going strong!

    I hear that Grantham is a bit pants.

    Take a small radio for the evenings.
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I will be, but not for the reason you are.

    No, its foul beyond any possible description.

    You heard right. Ghost town these days, proper inbred community. It's twinned with Bridgend, although you may find yourself hanging around at a loose end down town...
  11. I did all my training at Grantham. As a Soldier under Training you won't be allowed off the camp so don't worry what the town is like.
    The cookhouse? Well, I thought it was rubbish but you should try Deepcut cookhouse! Makes Grantham look pretty good.
    The training team are good up there, remember to listen and act on what you are told.
  12. im off to grantham fpr selection weekend end of June. anyone else up there then?
  13. Just make sure you join the right RLC Regt
  14. That would be a R. Signals Regt then? :D
  15. had some really great nights out in grantham,royal oak on a wed night should see you right ,sure to boost you morale !

    the Night clubs awesome also just down from the kebbab shop !

    Depends on the training team you get some really good blokes ,if its the RLC team you get but im not sure you do ?