Granny with an UZI shoots thief and gets sued . GO GO USA

Discussion in 'US' started by old_bloke, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. As this is in the news and is current Il put it here.

    You could not make this story up :D

    love them SPAMS sometimes.


  2. Oh, yeah, the reporter got it wrong when they said she owned an UZI Submachinegun. It's illegal in NY State to own a Class III firearm. That's a Semi-Auto UZI carbine with 16" Bbl. Since classified(1994) as an "Assault Weapon" in NYC and owners had to either get rid of through Licenced FFL dealers or turn in for destruction to NYPD.

    We have such great lawyers by the way

    "What's grandma doing walking the streets with a loaded gun?" the lawyer said,

  3. Many states have laws on the books to protect a shooter from lawsuits if they are acting within the law. Florida is like that.

  4. While I can sympathise with Ms. Johnson, it seems a bit extreme to shoot someone for trying to steal your bag and gold chain...

    However, considering the mess she is in now, probably would have been better to just have finished him.
  5. She should have left him as a red splash on the sidewalk. One of the things I admire about the Cousins is the 2nd ammendment.