Granny has sex with 15 yr old - Jeebus but she's rough for a 38 yr old.

and he was said to have taken an 'active part' in their affair between August and September last year.

I'll bet he did. :thumright:
******* hell even at 15 I don't think I'd have shagged that! They even look like they might be related :(
Was it incestuous? They look alike.
Cant help but wonder how wrinkly that grid would be if she didn't have a Valleys facelift fitted, She's already got a forehead like the backend of Vanessa Feltz.
Cough. The photo is the shaggee and her son, he isn't the shagger as far as we know.


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I foresee a purple hat and a pegasus tattoo for the lad, he's obviously born to it. :)
I wonder if a 38 year old bloke shagged a 15 year old girl would have received an 8 month sentence suspended for 2 years?

Just asking like. :)
There are some hippocrites on this site. There have been countless times when a ten-pinter has been on here and always someone has said they would. Oh that old Scottish singer who appeared free-range on 'celebrity tits' might be the exception.


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Are you sure that this isn't a wind up by the ad agency that runs The "should have gone to SpecSavers" ad?

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