Granny falls foul of PC Brigade (WTF is going on?)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fatsplasher, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. As a total irrlevancy - I can imagine the lady in the picture in a white basque, white fishnets and ............urghhh.
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    For ****'s sake, don't stop I'm nearly there.........
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  3. Jenna Mason is obviously a silly old bat and should have copped on.

    Whether it's PC gone mad or not, she has given her black neighbour all the ammunition she needs. Hence the court case.

    Her reasons for the Golliwog being in that particular window are spurious at the very least, and I doubt will stand up to scrutiny. I can picture the prosecutor with a pile of Golliwogs at his feet, tossing them at a window sill in order to disprove her claim.

    She will be Jammy (see what I did there) if she's found not guilty.
  4. Was golly hanging from a tree or nailed to a burning cross?

    Bar humbug
  5. I hope she gets 5 years the racist old bitch. I hope she shares a cell with a darkie.
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  6. No Granny was carrying the burning cross while wearing an embroided pillow case.
  7. Hang on, not only is she black, with a name like O'Donnel she must be a bog trotter too.

    Where is my Leprechaun?

    To be fair though, if I had an arguement with my neighbour and they stuck a Morris dancer in the window..I would be a bit hacked
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  8. I live next door to a red sea pedestrian, should I not have my kitchen windows open when frying my bacon for a cheeky weekend sarnie treat?
  9. Absolutely pathetic. All three of them need to grow up.
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  10. It's the Golly I feel sorry for. Stuck up there on the ledge, away from it's little playmates in the toy box.

    Maybe the RAF Regt could parashute in behind enemy lines and rescue Golly from the window ledge and reunite him with his mates in the toy box. That would be pretty damn elite of them and show the world the Big Three is really the Big Four!
  11. Neighbours disputes can get very silly indeed - We had a neighbour doing stuff like running out in his dressing gown to shut a gate on a shared right of way and hiding in the bushes photographing people using the track after we received planning permission for a development they had objected to. ...but this one takes the biscuit for pathetic and nasty at the same time.
  12. That's where she went wrong see? Pillowcases aren't pointy enough for the full KKK look! You're better off with a circle of stiff white canvas, cut out a quarter segment and then sew the two edges together, that way you get a proper 'cone head' effect!
  13. I like the cut of your jib sir.
  14. I was concerned about whether flying the Australian flag in my front yard would upset I wrote "Allah's a ****" on it to make sure.
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