granny attack!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by azahpm, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Just read the same thing in The Times.
    Good for Granny I'd be pleased to meet her. Well done madam.

    But what got me was the final police comment that recomended that people dod not follow her example as you never know what might happen.
    Spineless. A few more chavs chased and humiliated/tw@tted and the situation might improve.

    Edit to write tw@tted not twatted
  2. Aww, well done lady!!! fcuk what the police say, I think granny is leading by example!
  3. I see the report ends with the usual comment from the old bill.. " Police said they were investigating the incident but recommended members of the public do not follow Lane's example."

    Maybe if more "members of the public" did, then the toerags would think twice about offending
  4. Apologies Dwarf, just read your post... but no harm in saying it twice eh?
  5. Good drills granny!
  6. I think she deserves a medal of some sort. at least there are some of us out there that wont stand for it. I wasnt suprised to read that comment from the police, it seems the rozzers only job nowadays is money collecting, no tax? fine! no insurance? fine! speeding? fine? pulic order offence? fine! drunk and disorderly? fine! murder? where are the police? nowhere to be seen. it seems if they've got nothing to benifit from it they just dont care, in my local area there has been a huge increase of house burgularys and thefts, yet the police have just spent god knows how much on a load of new speed cameras!
  7. Of course Granny was right to chase the Chavs, you can be certain that Plod won't.

    Damned shame she didn't have a rolling pin about her person, but Mr. Plod doesn't allow that.
  8. Steady on chaps - she said

    Ding Ding!
  9. It's a good job she didn't have a stick or the plods would have tazered her
  10. In Vietnam I have witnessed on two occasions when some women has started screaming that she has had her bag stolen on the beach ,all the young men drop everything and chase down the thief and pound the living sh1t out of him,the police end up saving the thief from near death.

    A lot to be said for self policing, the old have no fear from Viet chavs.
  11. Spot on Granny!

    This old bird was alive during WWII, by the sounds of it brought up with proper values etc... Imagine what the kids of todays chavmong scum will be like in 50 years.

    "Police said they were investigating the incident but recommended members of the public do not follow Lane's example."

    Probably against the muggers human rights or something.
  12. Definitely a misquote from the Plod, it should have read:

    "Police said they were investigating the incident but recommended members of the police force do not follow Lane's example."
  13. As many times as you like mate, the situation warrants it.
    Good on Granny and let's institute a 'Tw@t a chav day' irrespective of if they are misbehaving or not. That'll larn'em.

    More Grannies like her in the police I say. I propose her for the top Met job if it is still open.
  14. Nice one supergran!