Granny arrested after taking on teenage yob

What are the rules on Vigilante violence?
Provided you have a mask and wear pants outside your trousers, (and remember not to rape people) what stops a decent member of the public going and clipping the ears on scrotes like this.

Old school bobbies used to cuff people, until it all got soft, whats to stop me from doingthe same?
I wonder if she was forced to give a DNA sample?

Not the first time we have heard something like this and I doubt very much that it will be the last.

The more I read the happier I am that I don't live in the UK anymore. :(
Ok How can they charge her with assault?

Doesn't Assault have to be unconsenting? If the scrote said "Come on and hit me" then he's given his consent to be walloped
The little wretch needs birching, a good 100 strokes should sort him out.

The chav fcuker.

We have a name, Billy, let's hope the rozzers round him and his oxygen thief mates up and beat them until they promise to behave.

Alas I doubt it will happen though.

Chav Scum are ruining this country, abley abbetted by the likes of mrs blair et al.
Not that I am condoning violence in anyway.

And I am not suggesting that anyone should do this.

But surely if there is to be a court case in this bit of wales the boys name will be read out in court. Or if there are arrsers in this tiny town, then they will know the boy involved.

It would then be easy for a group of concerned individuals (say arrsers for arguments sake) to go to this bit of Wales, en masse, and have a quiet word with this boy, his mates and all of their parents about the rights and wrongs of showing respect to older/more senior people.

As said, for legal reasons I would never condone this.

But pm me and let me knpow when you are going.

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