Grangemouth refinery temp closure

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cromach, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. Sorry if this been discussed but couldn't find on a search.

    Grangemouth appears to be on a staged closure over the next few days ending in a 48 Hr strike by Unite union on the 27/28 Apr! It appears that this will have a pretty big impact and I'm slightly surprised it seems to have come in under the radar.

    Presumably, there'll be an increase in fuel bowsers from central England!!

  2. Expect Mad Max-style panic at filling stations. I remember the 2000 petrol blockade; mile-long traffic jams and police nicking punters for fighting on the forecourts. :roll:

    Just as well Al Quida UK, with the exception of the 7/7 bombers, are a bunch of fcuking amuaters: if you want to bring this country to it's knees, you hit the oil supply.

  3. And if you'd watched the news you'd have seen that the 6 upside down heads on trial for terrorist charges had Grangemouth as a possible target
  4. Spotted that and raised an eyebrow, though not sure what side i support

    That site does indeed have an income of a few million per day. When i was last there oil was at around $80 per barrel and they are able to process up to 410,00 barrels per day, they are raking the money in and loving it.

    However the site is formally a BP one and their philosophy is "squeeze every last penny out of equipment, use it till it breaks", that is used at every level to the extent that crash barriers and equipment sheds are left to rust as not a priority risk. Also a lot of major kit such as heat exchangers are the original ones from when it was built, plus the pipping layout leads to massive headaches due to impracticality. Ineos work at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, they keep all kit fully maintained and what to completely upgrade it all which is under way.

    However im not glorifying Ineos, why the hell when they are raking in money do they need to scrap the pension plan after ripping out £40m is what gets me :x
  5. It doesn't need the brains of the proverbial to see where this could go. With fuel prices only going in one direction, it'll be interesting to see if it becomes a wider issue "down south"
  6. we dont need the terrorists to plot to bring the country down, just look at bloody buncefield!
  7. But they DID'NT. Ergo, they were fcuking amuaters. Which, of course, is a Good Thing. :roll:
  8. PJ, not sure about the site but, is it not responsible for most (all) of the oil from the north sea i.e. doesn't it go through the site before heading south?
  9. How ironic, looks like Scotland will be dependent on the English for the supply of oil. Surprised Mr Salmond doesn't have a master plan!

    Joking aside, I will cheerfully accept Scottish banknotes in return for petrol at a rate of exchange to be determined by market forces :)
  10. Laugh it up, mate; the North of England will be fcuked as well if Grangemouth closes down. :twisted:
  11. petrol etc to Scotland, Cumbria, Northumberland and most of North Yorkshire....but its been nice and quiet here....for a change
  12. Time to consider rebuilding Hadrian's Wall as Mr Salmond wants to do, perhaps?

    I don't recall a huge amount of empathy from anywhere else in the country when the Hemel Hemstead depot blew up the other year, and Londoners were queuing for hours and paying 20% more for their fuel for a few days until it all got sorted.

    (stands by for incoming)
  13. Empathy? Is that part of the disease you humans call...sympathy? :twisted:

    In all seriousness, IIRC, Hemstead was an oil DEPOT, not a REFINARY, which is, arguably, more important; there are only, what three major refinaries in the UK?
  14. Yeah, we tend to have humans down in the "beautiful south"! :)

    You're right, my comments were in jest, but I remember them telling us that depots had weeks of stock in them, so how come a 48 stoppage is going to make such a difference?

    Anyway, my offer still stands, all banknotes accepted for fuel at only 20% markup :twisted:
  15. Just had 3 phone calls @ home from fuel suppliers asking if they think i will require an EMERGENCY delivery of DERV this week as they cannot guarantee a delivery after 25th.....