Grandpa and the Snapper

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by alib, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. On Freakonomics Does Living With Children Make the Elderly Miserable?
    I've noticed in the massed ranks of elderly folk in Germania a drop in toleration for those increasingly rare creatures children, even the ones that are not Turkish.

    Well do kids make you grumpy or are they the joy of the new dawn?
  2. The words appear to be English, but the syntax doesn't.

    Apart from that, it should be fairly obvious that those who's best option is living in the same house as their grandchildren would be amongst the least healthy, and it's probably more likely to be an indicator than a cause.
  3. Bit of a come down for the first chap after his Have I Got News For You Career came to a crashing halt.

    I think that the analysis is 'living with kids can be stressful' (insert own Gary Glitter related comments when thread moved to NAAFI).

    If so, I look forward to the follow-up paper on the defacatory habits of ursines when they find themselves resident in primarily arborial areas.

    Alternatively, they might be making a serious point about the well-being of the elderly who find themselves living with their families and which places them in stressful situations because of the demands of any children living in the household. A point which they've managed to hide under a blizzard of entirely needless, obfuscatory prose...
  4. I cannot abide children, monkeys,West Highland terriers or Spaniards. Living with any of these, the stress of having to constantly restrain myself from going for them with the fire-tongs, would certainly shorten my life.
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  5. Monkeys and Spaniards you always repeat yourself?

    I like rugrats me.........I should do, I've got more kids than a Brasilian skip!
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  6. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    I think living with your own children is all right - you can enforce iron discipline and shape them according to your whim.

    It's other ******* people's snotty little shitbags I cannot abide.

    I would rather live with a Frenchman.
  7. Not sure if that follows as the alternative as your mobility goes is probably a minging granny farm full of elderly strangers a good third of whom are away with the fairies. Obnoxiously spoilt grand kids getting in the way of the 5:30 from Chepstow and calling you a racist coffin dodger might be an improvement.

    Course if you have been wise enough to breed and successfully become a live in burden on the sprogs it is not always the happiest arrangement for all concerned even when they are not bringing up their own brood of last ditch retirement insurance policies.

    I rather like a few nippers cutting about the place myself. Like dogs they are noisy, can usefully be shouted at, make for a more diversified bacterial ecosystem in a dwelling and most of them are less likely to shit in your slippers.
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  8. Well from what I've seen,all the hermans have sour faces.Regardless of age.
  9. I find them quite jolly especially if you mention the suicide rate in Greece.