Grandmothers arrested over satanic sex abuse at school

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Apr 28, 2007.

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  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Interesting...brings a whole new slant on children's programming...did they syndicate with Belgium?
  3. One could expect that the quality of the porn product would have better production values, given the ' professional ' input.

    it doesn't mention anything about hand puppets though...
  4. Satanic sexual abuse at a children's school by grandmotherly types?

    This has a faint whiff of theMcMartin preschool case, in which the kids described fantastical ritual abuse very similar to this...and the whole thing turned out to be a stitch-up that cost innocent people their reputation. (More under the "Satanic Ritual Abuse" syndrome link as well.)

    Unfortunately, nothing's impossible...but I'd be interested to know if police have found video, or tranquilizers, or other physical evidence that supports the children's/parents' accounts.
  5. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I seem to recall a similar thing happening in the 80s up in some Scottish crofts/villages...a load of city type social workers uncovering rural pagan satanic child abuse, think that it ended up as being not found. Then again maybe my memory of it is misty....
  6. The ORKNEY Scandal,driven by Xian social workers under the influence of some american Xian psycho-nazi social work guru as was the ROCHDALE incident.Both turned out to be complete and utter B*llocks with savage human fallout that persists today
  7. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Yep Orkney Islands...that's what I was thinking off...
  8. Ah... the ol' 'wolf & squirrel' ploy, eh? Sounds like a healthy Catholic upbringing to me.

    Scarred of Ipswich.
  9. The FBI conducted an extensive review od satanic ritual abuse in 1992 and found no evidence of it. Predictably those who were convinced of its existence then accused the FBI of being in on the cover-up.

    The department of health conducted a review in this country in the late 90's, the author was the LSE's Professor Le Fountaine (an emmenient sociologist) who likewise found no evidence, and the excesses of under trained guillible social workers were brought to the fore,

    Despite this sort of allegation cropping up, the independent had a famous article pointing out there were no bodies, no blood and no evidence that children being born, not registered, to satanic brood mares (mothers required to produce children for sacrafice) for eventual murder by highly organised rings of satanists.

    This has not stopped people like Valerie Sinason, of the Ritual Abuse Information Network, calaiming they have "clinical evidence" that children who had not been registered at birth and of whom the authorities had no record were being involved in ritual abuse (she repeated her allegations in 2000 with the benefit og the Orkney debacle, and thus should know better).

    Her allegations have never been born out in a police investigation (but obviously we're all in on it too!), despite police catching kiddie fiddling priests, pastors and the like-so obviously we are turning a nelsonian blind eye to our fellow satanists.

    You then had the quite unspeakable spectacle of this bunch running around like a puppy dog with two tails over the torso of "Adam", the little boy found in the Thames. They then fell over themselves claiming this investigation proved what they were saying all the time, rather than a quite specific incident isolated within one community.

    Not the conspiracy theory they haver been pedalling and which has amassed no evidence thus far and seems more a throwback to the The Malleus Maleficarum (The Witch Hammer), the middle ages Inquisitor's handbook!

    We should await the italian police investigation, and remember history is against such sensational charges being substantiated.
  10. People who are are interested in the influence of this misguided belief in some Dennis Wheatley-esque satanic conspiracy in Britain may wish to check out the sole serious article written (that I am aware of) on the state of satanism in Britain; "Satanism in Britain Today", Journal of Contemporary Religion, Vol 10 No 3 pp283-296 written by Graham Harvey.

    His well researched estimate comes out about about six groups identifying themselves as satanic, with less than 100 members all together. Also given the trend towards individualism and anti-authoritarianism in those groups members, it is hardly likely that there would be a heirarchichal body of satanists recruiting from this pool.

    Of course, there are ad hoc groups; teenage people cocking a snoot by borrowing satanic imagery (but still not the insidious threat conjoured up by the ritual abuse proponents).

    Indeed, though I don't have the exact figures to hand, I would respectfully suggest you're more likely to be abused by a christian than a satanist (simple numbers, more christians than satanists) and more likely to be seriously harmed during a botched exorcism (again, done by christians).

    A particularly good example being the four nuns and a priest in Romania up for false imprisonment and murder after strapping a schizophrenic nun to a cross, beating and starving her in an effort to drive out the devil. (

    And if you don't think it happens in the UK, I direct your attention to the Met's figures on "Faith Based Violence" towards children;

    "Between 9 May 2005 and 4 October 2005 there have been 12 recorded incidents, classified as ‘faith based ritual abuse’ involving 19 children. Social Services and/or local Child Abuse Investigation Teams have dealt with these incidents, generally involving minor injuries to children. To put this into context, during the same period there were approximately 3,750 other child abuse allegations, not recognised as ritualistic."

    This is the Met's little-known "Project Violet" (but its existence is in the public domain),

    "1. Following the conviction, of two African adults for child cruelty in East London, Project Violet (‘Violet’) initially focussed on building relationships with faith communities practicing deliverance ministry."

    Deliverance ministry being the new fluffy term for exorcism......