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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by beagleboy, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Just a query to some of the more erudite military historians. Anyone able to find in the London Gazette my Grandfathers mention. I have searched using all various permutations but unable to locate, it appears not identified. The information is as follows:
    New Picture.JPG

    I've also tried to locate the mention in the Australian Gazette, however, the Gazette (digitally) does not go that far back.
  2. Are you currently living in Australia or are you in the UK? If you are in the UK, I would suggest that you make a personal visit to TNA at Kew. Or, if you are in Oz, have you got National archives somewhere?
  3. Yeah, I'm in Oz. I do have my G/fathers citation, reproduction, as the Australian War Memorial would not allow the original citation to be photocopied et al. Something to do with the paper used then and any light from a copier can deteriorate the paper. Anyway, as stated, I've got a copy, and the medals, photos etc. I just wanted to view and maybe copy the actual Gazette page to put with the memoriabila I have on him.

    I've sourced National Archives, Australian War Memorial and obtained a fair amount of data for all my family (maternal & paternal) who have served in the forces (appears only army - good drills). Goes back to Boer War (paternal G/G/father - father named after him). So, that sorts out the Oz connection, going to be a bit more problematical sourcing the Brit side - that's what's retirement for I guess.
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  5. I knew someone had the wherewithall to find it. No I wasn't being lazy - just couldn't find it using my mere mortal powers. Closes that search for me.

    Cheers for that person who is old, and bereft of hair.
  6. For those remotely interested, here is a copy of the RO for his MM:

    New Picture (1).JPG
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  7. You must be very proud of him.
  8. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Interesting that two MMs were awarded for the same incident.
    Just as a thought I wonder how common that was.
  9. You've done well to find that BB. I have been searching for my Great Uncle's MC and bar citations unsuccessfully for the last two years. Went to look in the National Archives at Kew still couldn't find them.
  10. Were they WW1? And if so do you know the dates they were gazetted?
  11. Yes on the Somme possibly November 1917 regiment Royal Irish Rifles
  12. If you want, pm me his details and I'll have a look on Ancestry for you.
  13. Extremely unassuming man - like all those men of that generation. If I may be as so bold to add a little colour to the event, abliet, very little was said of his events either on the day, or for that matter anything to do with his part in WW1 (& WW2).

    From what I got. Both my GF & Lcpl Frietag were in company with a section +. After the actual assault GF & Lcpl Frietag were the only members left of the section after the assault on the farmhouse. Upon entry into the farmhouse they took 7 prisoners. The Germans realised the importance of the Farmhouse (Observation Post - maybe ?) initiated an attack to re-take the farmhouse. These attacks continued throughout the night until the Australians managed to regroup (re-organise ?) the next day and able to marry up with GF & Lcpl Freitag and give support.

    The salient point that I took took out of the conversations was that both men repelled the attacks and managed to contain the PW's. My Grandmother mentioned to me that the men in the Battalion thought the actions of both deserved a higher award. I cannot test the veracity of this comment other than she must of met mates of GF and they commented to her of his and Lcpl Freitags deeds that day.

    Anyway, to me he will always be a giant of a man, and those who all served in WW1 - Vale.
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