Grande, Vente Sexpresso, hold the foam...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. To quote angry American comic, Denis Leary:

    " Is it possible to get a cup of coffee-flavoured coffee any more in this country? what happened to coffee? did I miss a meeting? They have every other flavour but coffee-flavoured coffee: mocchaccino, frapaccino, cappuccino, al pacino...Coffee doesn't need a F88kin' menu, it needs a cup!"

    now it, apparently needs sex to sell as well..

    Seattle has now opened Sexpresso shops.. Think of it as Hooters with Steam..

    The cafe waitresses serve hot beverages while ' dressed' in sheer negligees, some shops offer ' male fantasy ' service, with the coffee servers dolled up one week as ' naughty schoolgirls ' and another week as ' sexy secretaries ' with horned-rimmed can get coffees called " Wet Dream " [ caramel concoction ] and " Erotic Pleasure " [ don't know what's in that one ] There's Wet T-shirt Wednesdays and Tube Top Tuesdays and the coffee is served in cups with nekkid wimmen on the sides and the lids are sealed with a ' red lipstick smudge ' [ what? ]
    One shop even has a website [ which I haven't located yet ] that runs video of its staff in various states of undress and in suggestive poses [ hope to hell it isn't the spotty teenage co-op student , Carl who can't make change without opposable thumbs ]

    Its a whole truck load of crap meant to part a man from his cash on horribly inflated muck tasting caffeine laced addictions and DAMN.. why didn't I think of it first?

    someone will make a bundle until the novelty wears off..

    anyone interested in going into a Franchise opportunity with me? I'll even let you help ' recruit' staff...
  2. Nudity and hot beverages? You'll never make it past Health and Safety.