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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by neph, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Hello all.

    Im not a serving soldier, i did a year and a half in the TA but left due to medical reasons.

    The reason i am here is because i am looking for a way to get my grandads medals.

    We have his service record from when he served 1938 - 1959 and we found that he was awarded 4 medals: 39/45 star, france germany star, defence medal and 39/45 war medal.

    I have found 2 forms that require filling in by my grandma and to get a copy of his death certificate, what im asking is if there is any quicker way cause these are hopefully going to bea christmas present for my mother.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. AFAIK that is the route you have to take.

    I'm in the same process of getting my grandad's medals
  3. thanks, how much are they per replacement? JPAC wont tell us.
  4. If they are medals that were never claimed, I think (if I'm wrong someone here will correct me), there is no charge
  5. we are thinking he has taken them, there isnt anything saying that he claimed them on his record, but even so we want to know a price so that we know how much it might cost.
  6. What happened to his originals mate - this question will have to be answered.

    You will not get any medals before Christmas.
  7. From their website

    "Can I obtain replacements of lost medals?

    The Medal Office only issue replacement medals to service veterans or, if deceased, the member of the family who now holds the medals, under certain strict conditions where the loss is completely outside the individual’s control in such instances as burglary, street theft or house fire. Only World War II medals and those issued subsequently can be replaced, provided that the criteria described here are met. The Medal Office is unable to replace medals issued before World War II, such as First World War medals, under any circumstances.

    Should you wish to claim for replacement medals in these circumstances, you should please provide details of the incident (i.e. burglary, fire etc.) and submit supporting contemporary evidence from the time of loss, by way of a copy of a successful insurance claim, or a Police crime report, either/both of which should include reference to the loss of the medals. A crime reference number alone is not sufficient. A lost property report is also insufficient.

    If these criteria are met then the Medal Office can issue replacement medals, but please note that there will still be a charge for the medals. The Medal Office will also check official records to confirm that the medals requested had been awarded to you or your relative.

    In all other cases, you may wish to consider purchasing replica medals from a specialist medal company or reputable medal dealer."
  8. If they have not been claimed there will be no cost.
    If you have to buy a set there are plenty of suppliers and no waiting time. I could put you onto an 'instant' source, guarenteed safe and mounted in a case if required.
  9. we dont rightly know what happened to his medals, we dont even know if he claimed them.

    we just want to know a general cost.
  10. This lot will get you your replacements, w

    All prices are shown.

    I've used them, professional and standards are second to none.

    Edited to add, £62 for the lot, not engraved though. They can engrave them at an extra cost.
  11. Does you Gran have any old photograhs of your Grandad possibly wearing them ?
  12. she has found 3 pictures in uniform and he doesnt seem to be wearing them she says, but i dont think they are in dress but in combats etc.
  13. Was he a member of the local Royal British Legion ? If he was, perhaps a fellow member could help you.
  14. I tryes to do this for my Grandad, you could have a look back at my old thread about it for advice if you want. Best of luck.
  15. my grandad has signifcantly more medals than yours