Grandads Funeral

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by jjandellis, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Just had some bad news this morning. I was told that my Grandad has passed away.

    He was a Navy man during WW2 and very proud of this. He had an awful lot of medals, including the OBE. He was also very proud that I had followed him into the services. My father said that he was very proud when he saw me in uniform, especially with medals.

    My father has stated he would have liked me to wear my 2's to his funeral. Problem.

    I'm ashamed to say that I grew out of my 2's some time last year, and the tailors are not issuing them anymore. Is Mess Dress appropraite for this sort of thing? Any suggestions (apart from lose 10 pounds)

    Many thanks...
  2. No Mess dress. Unless you are RTR or perhaps Rifles a gawdy red drinking suit is not really for a funeral.

    See if you can find someone with some 2s that fit, or can you slim down, and get a tailor to tailor them to you?

    Failing that I would consider 1s.
  3. My bold. Rifles wearing mess dress to funerals? WTF? Since when?
    Are you confusing the fact that Rifles officers wear mess dress trousers with their Greens (No1/Blues equivalent) tunic?
  4. Mess kit? no no no no..go see the QM, get some blues or something..but Mess Kit? nah
  5. Er, no.

    I was pointing out that a garish red drinking suit is probably not the thing to wear to a funeral, but in the more sub dued colours of the RTR or Rifle then you might just get away with it.
  6. Since when did the tailors start issuing 2's??? The QM's hold them babies! Get to the clothing store and exchange yours or get down a local tailors and get them adjusted it should not cost to much.