Grandad would be so proud.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smartascarrots, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. Good on the Japanese
    I saw a clip on TV about two months ago about this super duper kevlar speedboat and gave it six months before some whaling ship cut it in half.

    If you play with the big boys then prepare to get hurt
  2. Nippon 1, Wankers 0

  3. Are they pressure-hosing the stranded activists in the video?!
  4. Yeah, good isn't it :D
  5. Absolutely :twisted:
  6. Yup, Awesome isn't it, no PC softly softly Sh|t there!
  7. Good on the Sons of Nippon!

    I hope Paul Watson seethes so much over the loss of his new boat that he has a heart attack and dies, the cnut.
  8. Fine. You like the Japanese. You think they've got a perfect right to come into Australian waters, sink Australian ships and slaughter the most magnificent creatures left in the sea. Australians think differently. And I hope you won't mind me expressing the hope that the next time you want any Australian help in your little wars, the Australian government invites you to take a flying fcuk.
  9. Is that a Batboat? It looks awesome.
  10. Chroist Jimjam this is the NAAFI Bar, steady on!
  11. Good on ya cobber, sling another minky on the barbie!
  12. Rarther!!, chaps frightfully sensitive what?, what??!
  13. What I thought. Batman will go nuts when he finds out!
  14. After reading your post, I have had my eyes opened to the truth. The Japanese are utterly wrong to continue whaling, and should be condemned. After all, you blubber enough online that really the Japanese should be taking a look at you.