Grandad took his own life after being hounded by burglars

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by snapper, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. One way trip to downtown Bahgdad...

  2. Nearest lampost and a length of piano wire...

  3. Reward with 'soul finding' holiday (can't punish em... might breach [/i]their[/i] Human Rights

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  1. Cnuts of the lowest order.

    I'd hang 'em.

    I would, really.
  2. Piano wire and meathooks spring to mind. Maybe a zyklon B shower along with a few thousand of their kind to keep them company.
  3. The poor bugger fought for the 'rights' their lawyer will claim when the kunts are brought to 'justice.'

    This sad tale reminds me of 'The Veteran' by Forsyth. Shame these f*ckers won't meet the same end.

    RIP - and sorry. :(
  4. Mi old ma (80s) was always terrified of intruders, used to cut mi up bad. (no joke intended).
    I would have zero tolerance with any of these scum and I do beleive nither would the Police if they had a free hand.
  5. No doubt that if he still had an old Service Revolver & used it to defend himself, that the full weight of the law would have been used against him(with compensation to the deservedly deceased scumbags family).

    Justice? Just isn't :evil:
  6. RIP

    It's an awful state of affairs, but if Parliament & the Judiaicary aren't going to write / implement laws that properly punish the vermin who commit crimes & in addition deter would be criminals, this type of story will become more common. I'm sure the worm will turn, I know so many people who are seething about what is happening to society & our country as a whole, but it's a waiting game: will we vote in a government willing and able to tackle anti-social crime or will we turn to vigilantism?

    You're right jonwilly - my brother is a policeman in Inner London & he does feel ham-strung by the law.

    On a personal note, my father is approaching 70 & whilst he's still comparatively big and fit (& despite our jesting he has all his faculties intact) I worry that if he is confronted by scum he'll be in serious trouble as he'd stand up for himself.

    For the record; I voted for the piano wire & lamp-post... :evil:
  7. I understand the the biggest "trade' group in Parliament is the law profession.
    Is the lack of effective laws to control these 'outcasts' just something that has come down through the ages or is there some form of understanding between theose who actually make our laws to protect their vested intrest.
    The Bobby on duty can be carring a small arm and he is required to make an instant decision on if a person lives or dies (all shots are kill shots) and then must answer at the systems lesuire, for the action he took under extreme pressure.
    I do not beleive that our armed police bear any relation to Hollywood's Dirty Harry, but it may be said that I am extremely suspisious of the legal profession and their standing.
  8. The laws are there. What we are lacking is the commitment to use prisons properly and give harsh sentences for repeat offenders. Space in prisons is at a premium so the obivous sloution would be to build and staff more prisons. Very costly affair but I am sure the money could be found from somewhere (I have a few suggestions as to who would have their government funding cut/removed)
  9. That's why I said "write / implement": Parliament makes the laws, the Judiciary is merely meant to interpret them. As I said in another thread, either we have the worst law drafters in the world (as it seems there are more loop-holes than substance to many of our laws) or our judges really are way out of touch with the feelings of the general public. Parliament can do anything "except turn a man into a woman" so it's time for our law makers to decide what laws they actually want (stipulating minimum sentances if they so wish) and as long as those laws are passed by Parliament then the Judiciary has to implement them. I'm aware of the balance of power argument, but Parliament is accountable: the appointed Judiciary isn't.
  10. Hanging is too good for them!

    Send them to Iraq for 3yrs hard labour! They need people to reconstruct the country so why not use that as a punishment!?

    "Right Kevin, jimmy, and spod. You three are being assigned to the reconstruction of the waste water system in lower baghdad. Here are your waders, try not to fall over or breath to deeply and you should last the day!" :twisted:
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I think that Dozy meant
    Laws like this are not in place, possibly due to successive governments testing dodgy political theories and pandering to a small section of the populace.
    Society needs a wake up call to jerk those otherwise normal people out of this hypnotic trance they've permitted themselves to fall into.
    Unfortunately I'm unsure what would be sufficient to turn the UK back into a country to be proud of - short of a decent coup d'etat and a period of martial law !
  12. Piano wire?


    A wet, rawhide thong around the neck!

    It contracts as it dries; gives 'em time to reflect on the error of their ways before the lights go out. :twisted:
  13. and how about a good flogging beforehand to teach them, as it where, not to do it again?
  14. Can someone tell us what happened in slightly more detail? Got here too slow so it came up with some story about a brothel!

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