Grand Union Canal Bike Challenge in aid of BLESMA

Ladies and Gents,
I am doing a charity bike ride from Birmingham to London (Brentford) along the Grand Union Canal which is approx 147 miles and i am doing this for BLESMA. I would be most grateful to all you arrsers for any donations that you may be able to make towards this worthy cause......My Just giving page is....

Any problems with this posting or any further enquiries please feel free to PM me,

Kind Regards Nulli Boy.....:)
Having not been on here for a while I have just seen this thread, if you have already done this then well done, if not, good luck with it!

Having done a long distance charity ride, last year for BLESMA, myself I don't need to imagine what you will go/have gone through, and if you are doing/did do this in one day, then kudos to you! Hope you planned well and the weather is/was good for you! Once payday comes around I will set aside some beer tokens for the cause :)

However, the link doesn't work for me and takes me straight to the login page instead :S

Thanks for your kind words "Ducks" i have not done the ride yet,i shall be doing it over the weekend of 23rd and 24th of June and i hope to complete it as quick as possible mind,body and bike willing lol. I have a couple of mate doing it with me all of us are former Coldstream Gds so the turnout shoud be spot on if nowt else ;-)

Training has started and bike getting fitted out with extra bits and pieces next week thanks to TREK in Milton Keynes,will keep you all posted as to how it goes and you can follow my training and other news via Facebook and the BLESMA site,just look up Grand Union Canal Challenge !

Once again thanks,
I may join you if that wouldnt be an issue? I know the idea of a complete stranger asking to join a group is borderline odd but you've got me wanting to do a long distance ride again!

I am currently on course at kineton until July so I could meet you some way between Leamington and Banbury (if google maps has shown me the correct location of the canal!). PM me if you don't mind a sprog joining the ranks :)
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