Grand Theft Auto: Additional Content

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Ritch, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. Since I don't have a hard drive for my 360, I've never been able to download the The Lost story and The Ballad Of Gay Tony. But I've just discovered it's going to be released on disc (both stories) for £24.99. Anyone else going to get it?

    See Here

    We'll see the return of the parachute and lots of different vehicles, car's and helicopters, (sky cranes and attack heli's). Judging from the pictures, there is an AFV too, but don't know if that is playable. Additions to the game's inventory include new weapons, such as a new handgun named "Pistol .44", an "Explosive Shotgun", an "Assault SMG", "Gold SMG", "Advanced MG", "Advanced Sniper Rifle" and sticky bombs. The P90 also makes an appearance.

    Looks awesome.
  2. Got it earlier on and what a game! Its brilliant. Better than the original GTA IV.
  3. gonna go and pick it up at lunchtime and smash the fcuk out of it on saturday + sunday
  4. TLATD is really good. TBOGT is erm... ok I guess. The normal game is BORING.
  5. I don't know, I've still not got over the excitement of driving through subway tunnels being chased by the police, reminds me of the intro to the Naked Gun films.
  6. Just bought the 2-disc set because I don't play online. Finished The Lost And The Damned today and love it! The only disadvantage is that the story isn't as long as the original GTA IV one. Will start the other story Gay Tony tonight!


  7. gay tony one is the best of the two, i havent stopped playing it. cant really get into tlatd