Grand Prix Hungary

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. There is a God!

    Massa out with 3 laps to go.

    Hamilton should get his numbers for the lottery. :D

    Well done Kovalainen.
  2. Sorry,am I the only getting highly hacked of with the "Lewis Hamilton Show",rather than Formula One, before the race started we had to put up with at least 20 minutes of Hamilton,then when Massa slamdunked the two Mclarens at the beginning,we were then told that it was only a matter of time before Hamilton would take the lead,most likely in the pits? Massa was leaving him,but it was still Hamilton,Hamilton,Hamilton,and when the race finished,the first car we got a close up of was,yup you guessed it Hamilton.

    All I can say is Thank F**k for Moto GP. :roll:
  3. I see your point but should we not blow our own trumpet a bit when we have a chap who will potentially win the world championship?

    Remember, its how the media work. Build up a young hope to a huge degree then destroy him if he dares to fail.
  4. Quite right. There's more chance of overtaking in Scalelectric. Hamilton is even less black than the next US president.
  5. I was really expecting a 1-2 finish for Mclaren. But Massa did superb keeping his position away from the brit and even better at keeping him at the top of the points. :D
  6. Flashy, at school were you the kid who only liked what was number one in the charts and who was ahead in the cup final at half time? :wink:
  7. Feckin boring that one so i watched mousehunt with the kids and would flip over every now and then to see what was happening. felt sorry for Massa though. Still be nice to see if Hamilton can do it this year and not dissapear like the rest of our world champs and keep winning like Schumacher ?
  8. Can't wait until ITV lose the F1, they are truly awful, as said above it's all about Hamilton and they were almost celebrating when Massa went out, the guy had driven a great race as well. As for Hamilton, i couldn't care less if he won or not, if he drives well then he should, he has the car to win, it's showing this season that it's faster and more reliable than the ferrari, but this best of British stuff for a driver who pissed off to Switzerland before he'd completed his first season is a bit much.

  9. I never went to school so wouldn't know.

    And you?
  10. Oh how I laughed at massa.
    Really pleased that kovalainen finally got a win.

    Pandalove, what has Hamiltons skin colour got to do with anything?
  11. Nothing. You making an issue out of it now? BTW, I'm white and I'm proud. Should I be sorry?
  12. I still believe Hamilton could be one of the best, more so than Schumacher and dare i say.. Senna? But as said, he'll only achieve that if he is'nt another one hit brit wonder.
  13. You brought it up completely out of context. Just seems a bit odd thats all.

    Are you the sort who usually shouts the loudest in a convo just to get heard?
  14. My incredible intelligence is down to 11 years of lovely school, begging the teachers for more homework and swatting instead of fingering girls.

  15. I think you take the 'most pointless person online today' prize. :roll: