Grand National

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mooch, Apr 9, 2005.

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  1. So girls and boys, in 30 mins the national will start.
    Anyone had a wager?

    i have a tenner on montys pass and bindaree.

    Come on horses!!!
  2. fiver on forest gunner, iam not the biggest of gamblers as you can tell :wink:
  3. put 10 squid on it takes time, each way.

    won fifty quid
  4. 5th what a load of crap fcuking typical each way didnt even help.
  5. I now have 70 squid
  6. Late 30's. Many years of spreading £'s on load of horses (12 this year) Did any get a sniff of the finish. Did they fuc!!!!!!!!!1

  7. I backed Hedgehunter the other year when the stupid cnut horse fell over two fences from the finish.
    I felt he owed me one this year so I went with him again.
  8. hah, went for Arctic Copper, least the bloody nag finished, would have dropped £3K for a win :?
  9. I watched the wedding by mistake... some similar faces at both!
  10. Ha Ha, won my rugby clubs sweepstake. Beer money for the night secured. Cheers easy.
  11. the horse i back pulled out of the race the other day...

    had a wedding to be at or something!