Grand National Horse shooting

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Paton216tech, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. Well it's that time of the year again. When clueless goons wonder round bookies shops allover the country wondering how to fill out a betting slip for the horse race of the year. The burning issue is how many horses will get the bullet this year ? Fences have been lowered and made more 'horse friendly' but I think we will see a few wrap around tents while the nag get one in the head. What ya reckon ? No wastage anyway. Am sure it will find it's way into the food chain somewhere along the lines.
  2. I think they should shoot the Jockies too. Think of it as an incentive to ride better.
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  3. Well you should learn to read & write then!
  4. Far better to shoot everything wearing a skirt from what I've seen.

    Anyway, the vast majority of those horses have no other use/purpose in life but to race over fences - if they did not or were stopped doing so, then the breed would die out. If one, two, ten or twenty die in action then so be it. Their sacrifice ensures the continuation of the breed.

    Stop hurdle/steeplechasing racing and the price of 'beef' pies would plummet.
  5. Did mine online. Trying to find a bookie that will give me a price on horses to be shot but proving difficult. You should learn to make your posts less dull.
  6. You're not very bright are you?
  7. you suited for arrse as you talk out of it more than anyone else!
  8. There's nothing quite like someone criticising someone else's spelling then cocking up and attempting to edit in a part of the site that doesn't allow editing.

    You fucking failure.
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  9. you really are tiresome and it's not worth the effort to slag you off.
    as for comments to paton216tech i did not realise you were their protector.
    i'm off to watch some horse race, will let you bore everyone with your post!
  10. If you dont like the thread then fck off out of it. bozo breath. Edit: Reason: fick kunt int . You fckin drongo
  11. I fight my own battles thanks , and you bought that on yourself you spastic. That's it slip away quietly. Nobcheese
  12. Yeah right. Why don't you just be honest and say "I'll slope off now that I've made myself look a proper dense fucker and owner of the bumper book of emergency banter."?

    You toilet smear.
  13. you would have got an apology but you have wasted that.
    will let you and seagull get on with it!
  14. Someone's on the fighting-Draino today.
  15. I'm sure he's beside himself at the prospect of losing out on an apology on the internet.

    You wretched cretin.