Grand National 2012

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Boozy, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. It's happening this coming weekend and therefore is time for my yearly flutter/wasting money on the horses.

    Any good tips or predictions? :lick:
  2. My grandfather was a professional gambler for 13 years, he would never bet on the grand national. Reckoned you've the worse chances than any other race.
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  3. It's a lottery. Put a £1 bet e/w way on the nags at 200/1 or over.
  4. Chicargo Grey 12/1 at present
  5. Study the form of each of the horses over the last 6 months over jumps, over distances, on good going and bad. Then cross reference that with the form for the jockeys. Then read every big race preview you can to see what the professionals think.

    Finally after you've done all that, disregard everything you've learnt and just go for an Irish horse. Works for me most years.
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  6. All a bit too elitist, not like anyone can enter and the jockeys are all short, why no tall ones?
  7. Hopefully Trenton Oldfield will be out on bail by then and he can protest about the elitism by lying down on the track.
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  8. I usually just pick by which one has the best name, although being an indecisive cow I change my mind about 10 times before the race. I'm working the day of the race this year so I'll put one bet on and be done with it (last year I think I put 5 on and basically ended up winning back what I'd spent).

    The one thing I have learned to never ever do is bet on the favourite.

    At the minute I'm drawn to Rare Bob!
  9. Is Caroline Thatcher running this year?
  10. MY tip is that one of the horses will be faster than the others, no charge.
  11. See which horse as a dump prior to the start and bet on that one, it will be carrying less weight than the rest of the field so is sure to win.
  12. But surely the other horses would go quicker as they would be desperate to go to the loo?
  13. My tip is a horse will win

    Put yer fucking mortgage on it, its a fucking dead cert!!!!
  14. Running and squeezing your arsecheeks together is difficult though.
  15. Who knows, they may be trying to cross their legs so that may slow them down.