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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Hexitele, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. I could watch that program until my head turned square and timber clad itself.

    I'm too poor and stupid to ever be able to build my own house but enjoy pondering the idea.

    Is it just me or do any of you arrests tolerate that Git Kevin McCloud?

    Basically what I'm getting at is have any of you lot built your own gaff?

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  3. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    it's not hard and not expensive once you have the land.

    the simplest is an engineered timber house kit which would cost about 45k for a three/four bed detached cabin built from 10 inch spruce. 2-3 weeks to build and a few weeks to settle before you hang the doors. good if you want to try living off the grid.

    popular now is the iso container house - 2k a container and you can use your imagination.

    I allways fancied building a house upside down on a hillside where I came off the road and parked on the roof :)
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  4. Never built a house but hope to one day, renovated rooms and built a few decks and a shed before.Keen as mustard to teach myself how to do brick and stone work some day, as a stone house with meter thick walls would be the dogs bollocks!
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  5. There's a GD conversion underway just down the road. It's an old cinema and is due to be on screen in the autumn. God knows what KM made of the inhabitants of Thorne and vice versa! Will try and post a pic of my mate by the front door if I can sort out the black nasty! :)
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  6. As much as I like that programme, I prefer Guy Martin and his narrow boats.

    Mmmmm, bugger me grips.
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  7. Hex, I've just finished building an oak framed place- the same company that was in one of the first series of Grand Designs (Ben and Merry). The company was really good and obviously cared greatly about the quality of the frame and the build. The build was filmed for a series later this year - something along the lines of Grand Designs for normal people.

    As has been mentioned the hardest part is getting the land, Plotsearch etc are good ways to find land in your area, along with speaking to the local council, google maps and every other way that you can think of to get the 'ground appreciation' done!

    Unsurprisingly it did turn out more expensive than we budgeted for as the contingency fund went before we'd fully got out of the ground. That said, we are now in a house that we couldn't of otherwise afforded. Any Qs PM me. JP
  8. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    I tried that. Access was a bitch.

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  9. Good result.

    It's good to hear of "Normal people" who manage to pull it off as there is something about it that draws me in.

    Obviously it's not something I plan on doing next week but its something I'd love to do before I retire (If they let us retire).

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  10. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I did a kitchen in a circa 1500-1600 farmhouse where the upstairs bedrooms had a gradient. first we had to raise the floor up 4 inches because it was concrete on dirt do bloody cold then when I was bashing the dryer vent through at 18 inches above the ground I was struggling to see daylight - kept going until my hand found grass. went outside and I was at ground level so the house was allways going to be damp and cold.

    the two old brothers who owned the farm had given it to their sisters daughter as they weren't married then moved into a brand new bungalow with nurses quarter.

    once a solid walled house starts to wet out its buggered which is why thatches used to come all the way out to full overhang, one reason why we developed twin skin houses then buggered them up with cavity wall insulation.

    did a lot of work for self builders but they were generally let down continuously by plumbers and joiners.
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