Grand Challenge (defence technology )

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wheelchairwarrier, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Ok then ,your country needs you, well at least your ideas for the MOD's Grand Challenge comp,have a gander at for details , Its not that the current idea box is empty , but a wider input is needed, and who better than those who have "wished we had one of those " to come up with at least the seed of an idea.
    Or maybe the defence industry is getting a stale and expensive with new ideas.
    I understand the use of small children is not permitted !
    Food for thought though
  2. Hey, that seems to be all the rage in Armed forces around the world.

    Singapore currently has the 'Tech-X Challenge' where the prize money is a measely S$1000000 (about GBP333 333). --


    The US has the DARPA Grand Challenge --
  3. WW,

    What's new? From what I can see this is just a spiced up and dumbed down version of the normal procurement process. Requirements have been set out (system attributes), Expressions of Interest invited, followed by the submission of ideas and finally evaluation (tender process).

    Two problems however.

    Firstly, the system attributes (requirements) laid out in the challenge are not atomic, which makes designing a system extremely difficult and builds in cost.

    Secondly, the MOD have made no mention of the prime requirement of any such system (although they have alluded to this characteristic through the mention of 'easily replaceable and consumable) - that is, it must be as cheap and nasty as possible.

  4. Aha!

    the DARPA Grand Challenge , I have seen some of the results of this......
    the 'Tech-X Challenge' I have seen 17year olds put together something off the shelf to satisfy this criteria... no wonder small prize.

    When Drayton spoke about this last year he did mention a prime requirement and capabilities that would be desirable, but I wonder what is the price tag acceptable for "consumable" seeing they appear to regard a frontline squaddie in the same vein.
    In the meantime I will keep a semi professional interest .

    I do have an idea of my own ....
  5. I'll caveat my previous post with something positive. This initiative does provide the small business/single entrepreneur with access to the mil procurement process - on this aspect, well done
  6. It's a pity that they want only entrants who will then proceed to develop the product.

    I'm sure there are some very good ideas out there.

    I personally would have thought that a small weapon-fired non-mobile unit would be quick and easy. Sort of along the lines of rifle-fired grenades but one that fires a sensor apparatus that can be remotely monitored.

    You could, for example, fire it through a window, a door, into a wall, and once in situ, it would provide visual and IR sensing on an extendable rod (for height or to get past obstructions).

    There's not a great deal you can do about reducing the visibility of the thing if it needs to have all the functions they are asking for (or battlefield survivability).

    Alternatively, strap some monitoring kit onto an RC buggy - but it won't go through doors.

    Any ideas?
  7. If you do have an idea and can put it on paper, and it really really really does seem feasible and you can produce technical information and a demonstrative text on its function and means of operation, then if this is truly a unique thing then do as I have done this morning, file for a patent, and until your idea is protected keep quite about it.
    Oh, and then make a start on the prototype. That’s the easy part over ( don’t I know it )

    Once you can prove the concept, then tout it round for development or sell the rights, (well the workshop wasn’t big enough and I just don’t have the dexterity these days…. )
    Just make sure then that no one nicks your idea and produces one “almost” like it but different as Mr Dyson will tell you
  8. A reminder!

    Hence they are looking for an autonomous-ish system!

    Personally, I think a recce soldier would fulfill the requirements....
  9. Personally, I think a recce soldier would fulfill the requirements....

    Nah, small urchin type child would blend in better, I understand some factions even have them with a self destruct mode.
  10. Ok then, a recce soldier (child) could do the trick.

    The self-destruct option is a stroke of genius. Disposable recce soldiers (child). Fantastic.