Granby Medals valuation

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by TPR_C_Hunt, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know the going rate for the set of 3? A firm that advertises on this site gave a valuation of 200-250 quid for the set, is this a fair price or are they taking the piss? I don't want to go into the ethics of a bloke selling his medals as the reason seems kosher to me.

    The set is
    Gulf Medal and bar (unmounted)
    Saudi medal and cert
    Kuwaiti medal and cert
  2. The way I would check is to scrutinise ebay and the other auction sites.

  3. Have you thought of seeing if a similar set is on EBay? Bit of a naff suggestion but you'd be surprised what is on there!
  4. Just had a quick look, there is a GM & Kuwaiti medal but it has only just been put on by the look of it.
  5. Value depends on a number of factors. Generally speaking Granby Medals to RAC and Infantry units have a higher market value than those to Corps, similarly, those named to Officers have a higher market value than those to ORs. Medals year book for 2005 gives the following values

    With Jan/Feb clasp
    RAC/Infantry/RN and RAF £250-£350
    Corps and RA ££200-£250
    Civilians ££200-£250

    Saudi Medal for the Livbertaion of Kuwait £20

    Kuwaiti Liberation Medal (4th grade) £10-£15

    Hope that helps
  6. The Int Corp forum was running a thread a few days back. Telic 2 medal on ebay for £200 and a REME set of 7 went for £1860. OC14 seems to have a good grasp of it. Nice to see as a crab mine is worth more than a gunners thanks for that OC.
  7. Put it this way, if they are willing to pay £200 - £250 then they are looking to sell at a higher price and 100% markup by dealers is not unheard off!

    Medals sell better with provonance, so include a photocopy of your discharge papers as well and try e-Bay at a starting price of £300 and see what happens. Bearing in mind that you have the sellers premium to pay on completion.